Practical Applications of Japanese Candlestick Charts

Join Gary Wagner In His In-Depth Analysis of
Japanese Candlestick Charts

Seminar: Developed over 300 years ago, this method of technical analysis is still relevant and an exceptional addition to Western technical analysis. Gary's lecture will cover and discuss practical trading approaches including stop placement and trailing levels, risk parameters, money management and the psychology of trading any market with Candlestick charts.

Gary Identifies Patterns:

â–º Confirmation â–ºContinuation â–ºCombination â–ºConfluence

Gary Explains Methods:

Sakata's Constituation

Sakata's Five Methods
Sanzan - Three Mountains
Sanser - Three Rivers
Sanke -Three Gaps
Sanpei -Three Parallel Lines
Sanpo- Three Methods

Listen to the Wagner's Seminar "Candlestick Charts"
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