How High Will Crude Go?

How high can Crude Oil go? This month barrel prices hit an all time high... and the movement is still continuing. As investors are pondering this question and racking their brains on how long to hold their position, MarketClub members are sitting back and watching the Trade Triangles.

Adam did a video analyzing Crude (relying only on the Trade Triangle signals). This video was produced and released on September 13th. Adam shows how the Trade Triangles on the weekly and daily charts are still suggesting an positive trend... seven days later this trend is still making traders money!


Once you watch the video take a glance and the current chart for crude... you will see that the trend has continued. Putting a pretty penny in our member's pockets. Another $3.32 (4:12 pm EST 9-20-07) gain since the September 13th video was released. Check it Out!

Feel free to contact me with any questions. I am more than happy to help anytime!