Love the coffee ... Hate the stock

Love the coffee ... Hate the stock

I have to admit, I love this company's product, but I hate the market action of their stock.

The company we are discussing today is Starbucks. I am sure that if you drink coffee you've had one of their tasty coffee brews.

How can I love their Coffee Frappuccino Grande and hate their stock?

Well it all started in January of this year when one of our major Triangle indicators flashed a major trend change. This indicator is one we watch very carefully as it usually indicates significant moves.

On January 26th of this year our Triangle indicators issued a sell on Starbucks at 33.65. Since then the stock has evaporated down to the 27 level.

Is the downward move over? According to our triangle indicators I have to say no. I have just finished a new video that details exactly where we think this stock is headed.

Here's the 5 minute Starbucks video


Adam Hewison