Are stocks the only game in town??

Dear trader,

New highs in the stock market, hooray, hooray, but are stocks the only game in town??

It's true, there are powerful forces underway in most, if not all the worlds equity markets.

But, is this the only game in town? Should you have your entire nest egg for retirement, or your son or daughters college plans dependent on just one asset class.

We don't think so.

The world has changed, no longer can you simply buy and hold stocks for the long-term. That worked brillantly for Warren Buffet when he started in the sixties when China and India were considered third world countries. The world has changed, now China and India are powerhouses in there own right and compete globally for every raw material on earth. This new reality dictates that to remain successful you must remain fluid and open to a new universes of opportunities and ideas.

Today, there are some other amazing opportunities for smart investors to make money, the stock market just happens to be one of them.

Did you know that by diversifying your portfolio into non-correlating assets you can actually reduce your overall risk and still make an excellent return on your money?

Learn about asset allocation here
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I have just completed another third quarter video that shows the trading results of MarketClub's "Trade Triangle" technology on three asset classes that can provide you with a comprehensive way to diversify your stock only portfolio.

Take a look at the merits of the three markets in the video and see if they makes sense to you. I think you'll be surprised and shocked at the simplicity of this approach and its bottom line returns.

View video here.

After you have watched the video (no registration required) give us a call and let us know what you think. You can reach our offices at 410-867-7424 or you can drop us an email at su*****@in*.com.

View my other Q 3 video here.

Don't worry we are not brokers so we won't be badgering you to open an account. We simply provide you with very powerful trading tools and ideas that will help you survive the new world of volatility.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the video.


Adam Hewison

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