Look what we said on Bloomberg TV on September 13th

Dear Reader,

You may have missed my September 13th appearance on Bloomberg TV. If you did, you will want to view this video and see what I was saying about crude oil ($10,000 later) and the markets in general.

By viewing this short interview, you will see first hand that we were expecting problems with the equity markets. The market action on Friday was not a surprise to readers of this blog. Is there more to come? Watch the video.


Adam Hewison

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2 thoughts on “Look what we said on Bloomberg TV on September 13th

  1. Dear Adam:
    I missed you live on Bloomberg but after hearing you I can only add that living abroad (Chile) isn´t any better inflation wise. Since the move from the FED inflation went up significantly the reason being the heavily inflationary Dollar being unleashed, and as a consecuence every country is moving interest rates up. As oposed to you I belive that the FED will continue to ease and I do not think that the FED is actualy concearned about inflation otherwise they would have raised rates instead of knocking them down. I also belive that everybody is getting it wrong about global growth, because there is no growth in an inflationary environment. Just think of the Chinese, the largest holders of dollars by far, not only have they lost a lot of purchasing power but nominaly commodities have skyrocketed since the FED´s easing...China is a big looser in this new environment. They have switched to a wait and see mode, and they are no longer purchasing like they used to, just look at the inventories of copper and that will give you a sense of what is happening. But the banks are getting ready for the next FED´s ease in OCT 31st to go out and buy whatever looks like a commodity. That seems to be the "panacea" to recover from previous losses, but beware, the worst recesions have happened because of skyrocketing commodities that finaly lead to a huge plunge in their prices...prices going up and inventories going up at the same time, one of them is getting it wrong.

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