Supermodel Bundchen will work for EURO

Supermodel, Gisele Bundchen is refusing to be paid, if you're trying to hand her a wad of greenbacks. However, if payment comes in the form of the Pound, Loonie, or Euro, she'll take it to the bank, or to her broker. The Brazilian beauty is standing behind billionaires like Warren Buffett and Bill Gross in a growing line of investor who believe that the USD will continue to drop with plenty of momentum.

The USD has decreased over 34% since 2001, and with the state of the current US economy, is felt by some to keep a steady decline.

Bundchen asked that she be paid in Euro for a recent endorsement with Pantene Hair, and a promotion contract with Dolce & Gabanna's new designer fragrance. She has little faith in a USD rebound and claims that her currency request is only due to an uncertainty of the US dollar in the near future, according to her twin sister and manager, Patricia Bundchen.

There are analysts that passionately disagree with millionaire, model Bundchen. Bloomberg analysts expect the dollar to strengthen in coming months as a stronger-than-forecast reports suggest that the U.S. will not experience a recession.

So, although Bundchen won't fill her $1000 designer purse with $1000 USD, some analysis are saying just hold on... a bounce back is yet to come.