What can Instant Trend Analysis do for you?

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"When I started using the MarketClub, I checked out your signals versus the signals I generate for a few weeks. I used mine to verify yours… now I use yours to verify mine and the profits have been astounding!"
Milt Fall, Virginia

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So what can Instant Trend Analysis and MarketClub do for you?

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In addition to MarketClub's Instant analysis tool look at these other MarketClub member advantages. It's all included in your membership. There is nothing else you need or have to purchase.

Here's what you get.

MarketClub's Chart Portfolio allows you to create a personalized watch/active trading list which can be instantly analyzed, reviewed, downloaded and studied for quick market analysis. You can arrange your symbols alphabetically, by percentage change, or by your own preference. Watch video.
Smart Scan helps you quickly find winning trades in stocks, futures, mutual funds, precious metals and foreign exchange. Instantly see which markets are primed for a big move and those that are in strong trends. Watch video.
It's your own personal trading university where you set the curriculum with some of the most well known professional traders in the world. These audio (MP3) seminars and PDF workbooks will have you following along with trading greats like Linda Raschke, Mark Cook and Chuck LeBeau, just to name a few. Watch video.
Data Central offers you, easily downloaded, and accurate historical data! If you have a special trading program, spreadsheet, or a back-testing program you can access historical data in all popular formats.
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The crown jewel of MarketClub is our advanced Java Charting Applet. BARRONS business magazine said it best, “... a terrific little Java-based charting tool.” they also recommended to their readers to “Keep an eye on this site even if you're not ready to dive in: It's poised to keep growing.”

They were right. We have grown dramatically thanks to positive reviews and cutting edge tools like our “Trade the Triangle” approach to the markets.

Our “Trade the Triangle” and filtering techniques are simple, powerful and amazingly accurate. We explain this approach in detail when you become a member. The buy and sell TRIANGLES ARE DYNAMICALLY GENERATED FOR YOU ON THE DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY AND QUARTERLY charts. The easy to understand red and green Triangles, spot and keep you in the big moves and keep you out of the bad trades. Watch video.

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