Thank you Starbucks for great coffee and great profits!!!

Yesterday I was out of the office, traveling down to Richmond, Virginia to see my daughter before the holidays. Well it's a pretty long drive, about 6 hours round trip from where I live.

When it was time to head back home, I decided to stop in at the local Starbucks in Richmond and grab a cup of coffee to go.

So their I was, driving back to Maryland, sipping on my delicious Starbucks coffee, thinking about the nice visit I just had with my twenty something daughter ... when it hit me.

No it wasn't the high cost of gas, or the government's bailout of the mortgage disaster.

No it was the coffee, in particular Starbucks coffee. It's still great coffee, but ... way back on September 28, I wrote a blog titled, Love the coffee … Hate the stock. Heck I even made a video about it showing how our Trade Triangles had managed to make a small fortune in this stock. Watch the video here.

Well the good news is Starbucks coffee is as good as ever, and the other good news is that our "Trade Triangle" technology just racked up some very impressive percentage gains in this stock.

Take a look a our September 28, blog posting, Love the coffee … Hate the stock

Then watch the video.

I still love the coffee, but the stock...well that's another matter.

For the record our "Trade Triangles" are still short Starbucks stock. Isn't this the type of no stress, no brainer trading you want in '08?

OK, enough with tooting our Triangles.

Back to my coffee ...