Here's a stock we want to short ...

Riverbed Tech Inc on the NASDAQ

The stock we are discussing today is Riverbed Tech Inc, trading under the symbol RVBD on the NASDAQ Exchange. We have been negative on this stock for sometime and feel it still has further to go on the downside.

The market action on Monday the 17th of December can only be described as extremely negative.

Unlike most recommendation that always seem to want to buy stocks we want to short this stock looking for it to still move lower in the future.

With the removal of the uptick rule on July 6th of 2007 it now allows traders to short a stock without having to wait for an "uptick". This is great for traders as it evens the playing field between buying and shorting securities.

Here's a trading idea for Riverbed:

* Short Riverbed over $25.00.
* Use a stop at 28.12 to protect capital or a stop that fits your trading.
* First target zone 19.05.
* Take half of your profits at 19.05 and let the balance ride.
* Longer term target zone is in the single digits.

Every success if you take this trade.

Adam Hewison
is President of

We cannot endorse or guarantee any trade. This trade is for educationa purposes only and shows how professional traders view the markets.