How to profit from the pain at the pump

I have a question for you, when did you last gas up your car?

If you experienced the pain at the pump, plus sticker shock, you're not alone.

The pain at the pump is real, it's painful, and it's also affecting the daily pocketbook of millions of Americans who rely on the pump to get them to work. Now the bad news, there's no magic wand that any politician can wave to make all of this go away.

Here's the bottom line, the world runs on crude oil, and demand is likely to remain high in the foreseeable future.

It's not any one event that's causing oil prices to rise, it's a combination of several things. You only have to look at the value of the ever shrinking dollar, plus world wide demand for raw commodities, to understand why prices are moving higher.

Forget the pain at the pump, here's a way for you to profit from the pump.

Take a look at the latest video to come out of the MarketClub digital studios, to see how you can benefit. This 6 minute video focuses on Crude Oil. See if it makes sense to you. I know this approach makes sense, because everyday we get calls and emails from traders like Milt in Virginia who tells us our approach works.

Here's what Milt had to say about our market proven strategy.

"When I started using the MarketClub, I checked out your signals versus the signals I generate for a few weeks. I used mine to verify yours… now I use yours to verify mine and the profits have been astounding!"

Milt Fall

Remember, we are not brokers, so we are not going to be asking you to open an account with us. We are trading educators, that's what we do best right after trading.

Now more than ever you need a plan to survive financially in what is turning out to be a very tough year for housing and the stock market.

Now more than ever you need a market proven, risk adverse formula for the future.

Now more than ever you need to be diligent, disciplined and follow a proven financial strategy.

Enjoy and learn from this educational trading video on crude oil. There's no registration required.

The rest is up to you!

Adam Hewison