Legally trade like an insider with this information

It's no secret, earnings can make or break any stock.

But what if you knew what a stocks earnings might be before the crowd? How valuable would that information be to you?

Is it possible to have this kind of priceless, none public information, before anyone else?

Is it legal?

Yes on both counts, and I am going to prove it to you in a new 6 minute video that I just finished editing late last night. I am releasing this video today for a limited time only.

Watch it here.

There's no charge or registration to view the video.

In the 6 minute flash video (it will even play on a dial-up connection) I guide you step by step on how we traded three very well know public companies.

Two of the three stocks covered in this video had great earnings, one did not. See how we traded all three, and more importantly see how we traded the one stock that had terrible earnings.

Take a couple of minutes out of your day and watch the video. I am sure you'll agree afterwards that it was well worth your time.

Put the earnings advantage in your trading corner. We call it the MarketClub Advantage, and its here now.


The MarketClub Team