Market Driven, Market Proven, Performance you can count on.

Yesterday we released our Q4 results and traders are still talking about them and calling us. Today, we want to share with you 5 videos that show our approach to each of the markets we reported on. Just click on any of the icons below and watch the 90 second videos to learn more.

Our Q4 results are just below this posting and I highly recommend that you take a few minutes to check them out. You will also notice an email I have include from Charles Mercer jr, who it 75 years old, The reason I included this email from Charles, is to prove that you are never too old to learn our market driven, market proven results.

Enjoy the videos.

Think of putting MarketClub to work for you today.


Adam Hewison

2 thoughts on “Market Driven, Market Proven, Performance you can count on.

  1. Hello sir, pls I am a new trader, how do I attach the Triangle indicator into my chart. I am using a Metatrader platform.

    There are a few ways to apply the Trade Triangles to your chart. Remember the Trade Triangles can only be applied to the quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily time frames.



    By clicking the  Trade Triangle Button, you will toggle your charts between a quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily time frame. This is helpful if you need to confirm trend and timing point direction.



    You can also look at the triangles by clicking on the last four studies on your studies list.


    Short Term Trend - Daily Trade Triangles

    Intermediate Term Trend - Weekly Trade Triangles

    Long Term Trend - Monthly Trade Triangles

    Quarterly Term Trend - Quarterly Trade Triangles

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