Exchanging Ideas & Sharing Success

My Trip To Boston

Last week I took a business trip to beautiful Boston, Massachusetts. I attended a marketing conference which was wonderful! If you can go to a work related conference and get pumped about doing your job... then it was worth every company penny spent.

Funny Side Note

Just to give you my background... I really haven't traveled too much. I was terrified of the airplane ride and even more terrified of navigating a new city on my own. Also to note... I am clumsy and often times very "unlucky." Boston was no vacation from my "unluckiness."

-Had a 1 hour delay leaving MD.
-Flew on the smallest airplane imaginable.
-Cab driver overcharged me from the airport to my hotel (unknowingly overcharged $20).
-Cab driver conned me into taking a ride to the conference when I could have walked (1.5 block walk - 5.5 block drive).
-Flagged for full security check at Logan International.
-Had a 5 hour delay leaving MA.
-Accidentally screamed on the plane because we had minor turbulenc
e. Very embarrassing.

Regardless of the minor problems on my trip, I am extremely excited to attend another conference. I learned many marketing tips from others which will help me do my job better, and that was most more important thing I learned.

Exchanging ideas with others can be the most helpful way to help yourself.


What do I mean by that and why does it apply to trading? Why can't it apply to trading?

As a trader, you have made the conscious decision to be a full time student as well. You can learn from professional traders and trading systems, but an untapped resource could be just another self-directed trader sitting at their computer screen.

We know that a common trading practice is to test theories, indicators, and systems... however this takes time and patience. Wouldn't it be nice to get the skinny from someone who has already completed these tasks? Or ask, "Hey does anyone know what MarketClub tools would best work with "X" trading style?" Of course the MarketClub staff has a suggested techniques... but what if you want to hear it from a MarketClub trader themselves. "What do you think about the news feed," or "Do you know any charting or navigational tricks?"

Well, I think I can help you out. Our technical director has just added a new feature to our MarketClub Help Section. It is called "Open Questions." Propose a question to MarketClub members and hopefully someone will give you a response. If you are a niche style trader, there may be another trader of the same style that can give you some pointers.

If your question has already been answered you can find it by using the search tool on the left hand column. I do my best to answer these questions with our suggested technique, but I will be adding member answered questions if they are in good taste and are in compliance with our content policy. To see currently posted answers use the instant response box and type in a general description.

If you've never been to the MarketClub's Help Section, consider this your "lucky day." This section will break down MarketClub's tools and suggested techniques. I would recommend you visit this section even just to browse around.

Please visit MarketClub's Help Section to help traders answer their questions and perhaps post your own.
Bookmark this URL: http://club.ino.com/help/faq/index.php?action=show

P.S. - You don't have to be a MarketClub member yet to view the Help Section. Everyone is welcome to look around.

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  1. Apart from or in addition to " Exchanging ideas" "Idea out-sourcing " from others can be the most helpful way to help yourself, but for the purpose, ONE must have to keep away from " EGO" factor alwayes and forever.

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