The king of exit strategies

The king of exit strategies.. Chuck LeBeau

I have known Chuck LeBeau for over 25 years. He is one of my favorite people; he's also one very smart trader.

Chuck and I were fortunate enough to go on several lecture tours together both in Europe and Asia where we gave speeches on various markets and trading strategies. Chuck’s expertise is in how to exit markets successfully.

I can honestly say that Chuck is a straight shooter and a first-class guy with credentials to match.

Chuck has appeared as a featured speaker at numerous futures seminars throughout the world and has frequently been a guest lecturer at a major university where he has taught fundamental and technical analysis to graduate students in the MBA program. He has been a paid consultant to several financial institutions as well as many individual futures traders and has trained interbank currency traders for the Bank of China in Beijing and for the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority in the United Arab Emirates.

He is the co-author of Computer Analysis of the Futures Markets
(McGraw-Hill) which is now available in seven languages.

But personally, I know Chuck more for his work on exit strategies. As a trader myself, I know how important exit strategies are. In fact, they may be the most important tool you possess as a trader.

Don’t worry; I am not trying to sell you a special trading course from Chuck on exit strategies. I just want you to watch this video this weekend if you have time.

The video was shot live at one of the educational trading conferences hosted several years ago. The good news is that the video is timeless and Chuck’s strategies are just as important today as they were when we shot this video.

You won’t want to miss the beginning of Chuck’s video as he tells a hilarious story about how one trader was getting his buy and sell signals from Mars. It’s an amazing true story but it happens to have a very important message that every trader who wants to be successful should listen and learn from.

Here's Chuck's video.

Adam Hewison
for the MarketClub Team

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  1. Great Videos.!!! I like the KISS meathod....keep it simple stupid....know your exit BEFORE you enter your trade. What are you willing to lose and how much do you want to make. Every day provides us new opportunities.!!!

    Happy Trading


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