Trading/Investing Authors revealed: Tom Dorsey

Today, we're starting a series on some of the most well-known, and some
not-so-well-known, professional teachers in the trading and investing
world. We'll provide you with each traders' background, why you can learn from this author, and WHERE to find his/her best titles.

Our first subject is Tom Dorsey.

Tom Dorsey is a popular figure in the financial community, representing the
major stock exchanges in the United States, conducting Risk Management
seminars across the country for industry professionals as well as
individual investors. Tom is the author of numerous articles on equity
market and options analysis for such publications as: The Wall Street
Journal, Barron's, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities
Magazine, and Futures Magazine.

--Why Tom?--

Tom's expertise lies in chart analysis and risk management. He's been
able to take his years of experience, contacts, and personal dedication
and parlay that knowledge into video and audio seminars for which traders the
world over are paying thousands of dollars. Tom's ability to teach
has made him one of the most sought after speakers in the trading expo
circuit. His energy and passion for his work will make you a dedicated

--Where can I find Tom?--

INO TV polled Tom's most dedicated members to find their favorite
presentations, and has complied them within INO TV for you to enjoy.
Today, you have the ability via INO TV to watch his best work right from
the comfort of your desk chair.

*A Game Plan for Investing in the 21st Century
*Point and Figure Charting
*Using Point and Figure Charts to Analyze Markets

Enjoy Tom's Titles here:


Next we will be going over another guru that has brought a new wave
to the trading world...Glenn Neely.