This is no April Fools joke ...

Dear trader,

On March 21st we posted a video on gold based on our Trade Triangle technology. I think given today's market action in gold, it is worth revisiting.

Here's the previous posting and video link.

In the world of trading, gold is one of those special markets that seems to defy the laws of physics.

That all changed last week.
After skyrocketing to over 1,030 dollars an ounce, goldseemed to discover gravity and plummeted over $125 in just a few days.

So the question is, has the bubble in gold burst?

See how we addressed this question, and how we would trade gold in this short video. See if it makes sense to you.

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Here's to your future success.

Adam Hewison

One thought on “This is no April Fools joke ...

  1. The major underpinnings of the present gold bull market:

    1. M2 Money Supply inflation calculated yearly compounded rate of 6.88% from Federal Reserve figures 1959-2008
    2, Balance of trade deficit of $58.2 billion in Jan 2008 by U. S. Census Bureau
    3. The ongoing mortgage/credit markets meltdown

    are too strong and too large to abate for the foreseeable future.

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