This weekend, I read several great articles on energy ...

This past weekend, I had the good fortune to fly up to Maine to attend my father-in-laws wedding. Several days earlier my wife had taken our car and elected to drive the ten hours to open up our Maine house for the season. Because of time restraints, I had no choice but to drive to BWI and take a flight.

It's what happened when I was inside the airport that I want to share with you today.

After I checked in for my flight at BWI Airport in Baltimore, I did what most travelers do. I wandered into the book and magazine store to pick up some light reading material for my flight.

What caught my eye was the bright lime green color along with this headline...

"If we don't confront our energy crisis we're screwed"

Now I think you'll agree that it is pretty provocative headline and it definitely pulled me in. So I decided to pick up the magazine and thumb through some of the articles. I was so taken by the numbers and the depth of the articles that it decided to purchase the magazine.

On the plane ride up to Maine I began to read the articles and realized just how much work and research had gone into each and every article. I found I was devouring the articles and before I knew it I was landing in Portland, Maine.

Now our company is not affiliated in any way with this magazine, nor are we profiting from any advertising from the magazine or affiliate finders fees. I JUST THINK YOU SHOULD BUY THIS PARTICULAR COPY to get a real sense of what is happening, and what has happened in the world of oil, politics and dictators.

This particular issue really opened my eyes to many of the opportunities and disasters that we will all face in the future.


Adam Hewison