Sell Signal in Gold

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After trading a high of $1,030, gold hit an air pocket as all the hedge
funds bolted for the exit door at the same time. This mass exodus pushed
gold dramatically lower and close to the $900 level in just a few days.

Is the next stop $800?

Enjoy the video.

Adam Hewison

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4 thoughts on “Sell Signal in Gold

  1. Adam,

    You gotta love the internet! Everyone gets to be a critic. Ignore certain facts and realities, focus only the the negatives.

    If they paid attention to any of your videos, they can see that not every call is going to be perfect. So the last call mised? Thats 1 bad call in what, 3 quarters?

    I'll take a winning record like Market Club any day.


    Thanks for your positive feedback.


  2. As the Printing Press "Excesses" so will Gold, the alternative! Being, "EXCEEDING" Taxes. I would rather invest in gold.

  3. Adam Hewison on May 14, 2008

    Sell signal in gold!

    May 15. May 2008

    Gold up 18 Dollar!

    May 16.May 2008

    Gold up 20 Dollar!

    Thus who like to explain future goldprice directions with charts only will loose.

    Gold has to go up, and up just only to catch up with the US printing press !!!!!!


    Thanks for your feedback. If you are only looking at two trades you are missing the whole MarketClub success story. You did not comment on the nearly $50 dollar winning trade we made before our last sell signal. Nor did you comment on our Q3, Q4 and Q1 gold results. Take a look at the big picture and then decide if this is a viable approach for you.


  4. i have noticed that everybody makes the statement when either is has gone up or down and then people claim victory , itold you so. it would be nice to know in advance befpre it takes place ,then people can go either long or short , so pleas give us in advance , before it happens than you

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