A trading secret that's 800 years old

I can honestly say that 30 years ago I learned how to trade the markets in the pits of Chicago.

It was there, in one of those sweaty, tumultuous, in your face trading pits, that I learned one of the most valuable trading secrets in the world.

This one trading secret opened my eyes to why things happen in the markets.

This trading secret, which is over 800 years old, is one of the most monumental mathematical discoveries of all time.

The publication in 1202 of the "The Book of Calculation" was never meant to be a road map to success in the markets. However, it turned out to be an extraordinary blueprint for how modern day markets work.

The number sequences contained in this amazing 800 year old book, is like having a virtual DNA for every stock, futures and foreign exchange market.

No one knows for sure why these number sequences work. Some traders believe them to be mystical, others, like myself prefer to call them one of life's little mysteries.

I have been using this sequence of numbers to trade the markets for over 30 years. I have to say that after all this time, I am still amazed that these numbers still work!

My new 8 minute educational trading video that remains true to core principles of the "The Book of Calculation." Show you step by step, exactly how you can benefit from using this trading secret.

Once you view the video and absorb this valuable educational trading lesson, you can apply the exact same principles you learn to your own trading. What could be better than that.

We do not require you to register to view this video.

Discover and benefit today, from what I learned over 30 years ago in the trading pits of Chicago.

Every success.

Adam Hewison
President, INO.com.

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4 thoughts on “A trading secret that's 800 years old

  1. Hi Adam,
    im interested for your research.im researching mathematical modeling of Dow' theory.may you tell me how to confirm a major bottom of bear market by ma 50 and ma 200 ? thanks. Pan


    Using moving average is a good way to tell if a major bottom has been put in. I would like to see the 200 day flatten out and start to rise and for the 50 day ma to cross over and move above the 200 day ma. That is how most traders use the averages.

    Hope this helps.


  2. I notice you often talk about the trend. Mostly you are picking the trend from the weekly chart but on some occasions you pick it from the monthly. Could you please clarify which markets require we use the monthly for trend and which the weekly? Also are entry points are always determined from the daily, or when the monthly chart is used for trend do you use the weekly for entry/exit?


  3. Interesting. I have heard of Fibonacci and read much about the applications to trading, but this video is very useful for seeing exactly how to plot the retracements. Good video, so I posted a link to it from my blog.

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