6 thoughts on “Happy 4th Of July

  1. on behalf of the fertello family, happy 4th to you also..keep up the good work..sence I've been using your educational tools, and keeped greed and fear in check..my gains with call and put options, depending on the sector has been 98% correct..I'm all smiles..thank again..david

  2. Happy Independence Day America. Today we welcome you with 4.10 gas and Global Inflation. Our inflation is in a groups whose inflation since 2000 has been over 150, while's Argentina's out of control inflation currently is around 26. While all this nastiness is happening to you my dear fellow American's, I wish you the best on this day of our Independence. Stay strong and we will make it through this storm, and will be stronger for it.



  3. A Great big Happy 4th of July to JAMIE LEE for supporting me through my trading experience. We all need that kind of support.

  4. Happy Independence Day to Adam, my business partner, and all of our MarketClub users. On behalf of our customer support and technical staff, we hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend.

    We have some exciting surprises and changes coming in the *very* near future, tools that will help you increase your success in the markets. July is going to be a great month.

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