Seven trading lessons guaranteed to boost your bottom line

I created "TRADERS WHITEBOARD" to help traders understand and benefit from my years of real world trading experience both in the pits of Chicago, and from Geneva, Switzerland .

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Look for more educational Traders Whiteboards in the near future

If you enjoyed this educational series, be sure to check out our next video series titled, "90 Second Trading." In this series we cover trading in stocks, futures, forex, crude oil and gold. For a limited time only we are making this series available free of charge.

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Look at our logical approach to decision making.

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5 thoughts on “Seven trading lessons guaranteed to boost your bottom line

  1. Dear sir
    Kindly make to understand about MACD gragh with some example

    thanking you
    with regards
    N. Harinath

  2. Great tips Adam, you seem to have an excellent product in Market Club. I'm a UK citizen who has recently become a full time investor/trader and relatively new to the game. I'm just in the process of sorting out a suitable broker to trade in my SIPP (self invested personal pension plan, UK equivalent of an IRA, I think)and ordinary dealing account. I'm particularly interested in trading gold, oil and energy stocks and see the ongoing volatility presenting some great opportunities to make money. I can use the ETF's PHGP.LN and CRUD.LN for gold and oil respectively.
    QUESTION: Would many of the stocks you cover be listed on the London stock exchange?
    Thanks in advance:-)

  3. Hi,there,very nice videos!They are really helpful!
    It seems that there's something wrong with the part 2 of the series.Hope you could fix it! Very nice blog and very nice videos!

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