Two new videos that make (logical) trading sense

What a week!

What volatility!

What should traders do?

Several months ago we sent you an email that correctly forecasted the up move in crude oil and indicated that it could potentially topple world equity markets.

We were right.

So what happens now ... is the move in crude over? Is the downward tailspin in equities over or is it just a pause before new lows?

A few days ago, I finished two new trading videos that take a fresh look at crude oil and gold. I believe that these videos offer an unbiased educational view of two markets that are front and center right now.

If you are concerned about what's going on in the world then you really need to watch these videos. There is no need to register, plus you will learn some valuable trading lessons.

Enjoy the videos.

Crude oil video

Gold video


Adam Hewison

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