Getting simple with GOOGLE

We first showed you the theory in our introductory Traders Whiteboard video. If you missed this video we highly recommend that you take a few minutes to watch it before you watch our second video with real world trading examples.

After you watch the theory, watch as we put this theory into practice with two real world trading examples. Our first example shows how one of the biggest stocks in the world falls apart, and how you could have taken advantage of this fact by using this simple trading theory. In our next example of this theory, we show a stock whose move is just beginning and still has along way to go on the upside.

It's all here, the theory, two real world examples, and proof that this concept works. Watch, learn and benefit from this powerful new trading video. There is no charge and no registration is required to watch either video. Watch with our compliments.

Enjoy the videos.

Adam Hewison


5 thoughts on “Getting simple with GOOGLE

  1. Wow did JRCC turn in a nice profit. With so many technical analysis tools available, it's no wonder traders lose sight of the fact that price action is the first and most powerful indicator.

    Applying this simple approach to market and sector analysis can certainly improve the success of your trades. I've been writting about htis very approach in a series of articles entitled:
    6 Key Elements Of Successful Trading Strategies. I've included a link above.

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