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It sure is good to be back. This past weekend I returned from vacation in France with my wife where we were cruising the canals just outside of Strasbourg. It was a great deal of fun.

I have to say, every trader needs and deserves a break away from the markets. Normally the August markets are fairly quiet, so it seemed like a good time to get away. Boy... was I wrong. Not wrong on the markets, but wrong on the markets being quiet.

Arriving back in the States having not seen a newspaper for two weeks and with limited access to internet, I was surprised to see some of the moves in the major markets. I was also happy to see the price of crude oil!!

I have known for a long time that news is not the important driver of price action. Most new traders believe they needed to be glued to the news every second of the day, frightened they will miss some news headline.

Here's a little secret... the most important element in the market is not the news, it is the market action itself. Everything else is secondary. In my new video I explain exactly how we look at the market and how you can benefit from looking at the market the same way.

The new video is only four minutes long and I think you'll find it fresh, timeless and interesting.

The simplicity speaks for itself.

Enjoy the video,

Adam Hewison

One thought on “New trading video

  1. hi adam!!!!!

    gud 2 see u bak..hope ur holiday was gud...
    but must say u were wrong abt,'August'..tht in this month markets wud b fairly quiet..but i am happy tht u were right abt the market...waiting for ur new videos..

    thank u

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