Never get married to any stock because the divorce gets expensive.

Here's a trading tip that you can use.

Never, repeat never, get married to a stock because the divorce is very expensive.

In this short video, we look at Apple, Inc. I have to admit I love Apple products. I have an iPhone, an iMac and an iPod touch, which by the way you can win one by entering the contest on our blog.

Apple stores are always packed when I go to the mall. But the stock action is terrible.The market action tells us that we're headed lower, so what's the deal? Why would you trade Apple based on stores that are full? You wouldn't, you only want to trade based on market action.

The world has changed, it is not a buy and hold market anymore. You need to be nimble, trade with a game plan and be disciplined. Those are the keys to success in the marketplace today.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the video. I hope it helps you in your own trading.

Adam Hewison
Co-Creator, MarketClub

2 thoughts on “Never get married to any stock because the divorce gets expensive.

  1. You have missed the point of the article and become 'married' to the brand.
    You would never go 'Gee the prices is to high these long speculators are to greedy'.

  2. Why would the stock be down with the stores full. i think the short traders are really hurting our stock prices.

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