Is gold the last store of value?

Is gold the last store of value?

It has been a difficult time for gold bugs for the past two months as gold has been trapped in a broad trading range which made it seem insulated and immune to all of the financial chaos around it. Today's action on Friday the 21st, put all of that in action to rest as gold soared to trade over the $800 in a matter of hours. This may be the move we've been looking for and coming from a two-month base, it seems large enough to propel this market higher.

I have just finished a new video on gold that goes into some depth and shows you potential upside targets for this market. The video can be played on any computer and does not need any special plug-in. It is available free of charge from MarketClub as part of our ongoing educational outreach program. Our goal is to help traders improved the timing and trade selection in a scientific way using tools that are real world tested and have stood the test of time.

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9 thoughts on “Is gold the last store of value?

  1. If the dollar is trending downwards and the Euro is following suit which currency should one trust to hold on to Long term


    I thought that the best way to help you with your question was to show you the Chart Analysis Score for the Dollar Index and the Euro (cash). Right now they look like they are mirroring in opposite directions. The Chart Analysis scores quickly show the intra-day, short term, intermediate term and long term trends. When these 5 times frames point in same direction, the odds are greater that the trend will continue in that direction opposed to reversing. Therefore at first glance it looks as if the dollar will continue moving in a positive direction, while the euro will move in the negative direction. See images below.

    US Dollar - Chart Analysis Score
    Euro Cash - Chart Analysis Score


    Lindsay Thompson
    Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

  2. Well to defend my theory, the CDN dollar is up to 82 cents from 76 cents and gold has moved up nearly $100 dollar over the same period. The question is where will the US dollar go. Down is my only guess.

  3. Bull Run-
    The idea you're referring to, exchanging U.S. dollars for Canadian dollars to buy into the Venture Exchange and then convert back when the Canadian dollar is up is a lost cause. I played that game for 7 years to no avail. It works in theory yes, but never plays out in the real world. Gold has hit recent highs in other currencies around the world. You want a weakening currency to bolster gold as an inflation hedge. Which as it turns out after all, needs to be the reserve currency.

    I do own stocks on the Venture so I'm not bias against it mind you.

    Adam, do you agree or disagree with this?

  4. Adam, excellent TA. Gold also has many fundamentals backing it up as well. This should be a no brainer for anyone interested in gold. The upside is enormous and the downside isn't to zero like a GM or Citigroup. I can't see why anyone wouldn't diversify into Gold. BTW, can you suggest a book reading book on how to deal with Fibonacci numbers?

  5. I just finished watching your video on gold and I want to know if the trend is the same for silver?


    I took a look at the chart analysis score and the "Trade Triangles" for the silver spot and below are images of these results. It looks as if the short term, intermediate term and long term trends are all pushing lower while there is intra-day positive movement (12-1-08). Anyone can receive the chart analysis scores for any markets they wish if they are a MarketClub member (Chart Analysis Recaps sent nightly), or if you sign-up for our free Trend Analysis emails. You can access this free tool by clicking here: Free Trend Analysis Report.

    Silver- thumbnail
    Silver- Trend Analysis Score
    Silver- Weekly
    Silver- Day

    If you have any questions please let us know by emailing su*****@in*.com or by giving us a call 1.800.538.7424.


    Lindsay Thompson
    Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

  6. Has any country been selling its gold store in order to prop up its currency and that being the reason for gold's idling until Friday?

    by the same token, are any countries such as China and India now buying gold in quantaty?

    Anybody have an idea or actual proof of either?

  7. With the US dollar in full retreat, possibly facing collapse, yes I believe gold is a buy, particularily in CDN dollars, as in buying gold shares in the TSX. ABX. I guess the question is when a country is belly-up, it's governemnts, it's citizens, it's financial instutions, it's companies, how long before it's currency goes belly-up, meaning the US dollar.

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