Take A Second To Enter November's Contest

If you haven’t entered Trader’s Blog contest for November, you have until midnight of the 30th to enter. It couldn’t be any easier… just click the INO TV and Trader’s Blog November Contest link that is sitting on the right hand side of your screen. Click the comment link and just answer the question,

“What is your worst brokerage experience, if any?”

It just takes a second and there are no wrong answers, just different stories. I will be using an random integer generator to pick a winner who will receive 6 free DVD/Audios from our INO TV trader’s library and will be shipped with no strings attached.


To see the rules of the drawing, please see the original post please click the link on the right, or click here.

2 thoughts on “Take A Second To Enter November's Contest

  1. Several years ago I acquired a stock analysis program, and found out that one of my stocks in which I was long in was an excellent short candidate. I called my brokerage, and the broker tried to talk me out of selling it. He told me that I was just in the wrong sector. I am sitting there watching the stock drop as he is speaking to me. Finally I get his attention, and get the sell executed. That brokerage no longer exists, I wonder why.

  2. My worst experience was when I lost about 11,000.00 several yaers ago on an option naked call option with a NY brokerage firm.

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