This stock may be getting ready to fly.

This stock may be getting ready to fly.

I was looking through our alerts recently and this stock just jumped out at me. I want to share my thoughts about what I expect will happen to this market in this short video. We've discussed this pattern before on several other videos and all have worked out very successfully.

There's never a guarantee in trading and you should not look upon this as a slam dunk. However, all the odds favor this that this stock maybe on the runway and ready to take off in a positive direction.

Take a quick look at this short video and see what you think. I think you'll be impressed at the pattern and the possibilities that this market has on the upside.

The video is available right now and there is no charge or registration.


Adam Hewison


8 thoughts on “This stock may be getting ready to fly.

  1. Adam
    I just wanted to get your opinion on UAUA's downward movement. Besides having strong Technical pattern for upward movement, what factors influenced the stock to go down from the breakout point at around 15 dollars or so?



    I wish I knew what made UAUA go down. We saw a clear breakout on the charts and that in hindsight was probably mitigated by the overall negative feelings towards the economy. The key to this, or any market is to be diversified and follow the signals you get.

    Hope this answers your question.


  2. Nice call on united. I've been researching sector rotation models and they say that transports usually lead the way out of a recession. Adam, do you feel like a strong showing by the airlines such as UAL and ALK, and other transport stocks such as NSC are a sign we're starting to move out of the bear market, or is it purely due to the pullback in energy costs?

  3. I seen your information on UAUA. just to let you know that UAUA and its union labor groups are going to be starting there contract negotiations in April of 2009. So I'm not sure what that may do to the stock in the next 6 months.

  4. Just received and watched your video on United Airlines ticker symbol UAUA. What call options (month and strike price) does Adam believe would be the best to maximize the projected move to $27?


    John O'Mara


    Thanks for your feedback.

    I am not a specialist in options and therefore I trade the stock on leverage.
    Hope this helps.


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