10 free trading lessons that can make a big difference in 2009.

Dear trader,

I really believe that my email trading course which I recently put together, can make a big difference to your bottom line in 2009.

As we are coming to the end of the trading year, and it has been quite a year, I want you to receive this trading course with my complements.

There are 10 trading lessons in all and they are all written in plain everyday language that is easy to understand. Most of the 10 educational trading lessons are illustrated with charts to show how you can benefit from the lesson.

Right after the holidays is the time to begin thinking and preparing for the new trading year. The 10 free trading lessons that I am making available to you, will in my opinion, provide you with the tools and the concepts to make some serious trading decisions in 2009.

I have even prepared a short for you to watch that explains why I an doing this.

Direct link to my 10 free trading lessons.

Enjoy the lessons and the holidays.

Adam Hewison

President, INO.com and Co-Creator, MarketClub

Click here for a direct link to my 10 free trading lessons.

11 thoughts on “10 free trading lessons that can make a big difference in 2009.

  1. I wonder about one thing regarding your "Trading triangles". What do you do during a "sideway market"? How do you use your system? Hence, how can you identify a sideway market with the triangle method?

    Much thanks to you!




    The "Trade Triangles" do not work as well with sideways markets as they do during trending markets. First off, the "Chart Analysis Score" will help you identify the sideways markets. You can learn more about our "Chart Analysis Score" tool here: http://broadcast.ino.com/livesupport/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=view&parentcategoryid=8&pcid=0&nav=0

    If you insist on trading a sideways market consider using an oscillator to back up your positions. When there is a small trading range, the triangles may possibly misfire. However, you can use an alternative technical analysis tool to pick out those possible inaccurate signals.

    Have a wonderful holiday,

    Lindsay Thompson
    Director of New Business Development
    INO.com & MarketClub.com

  2. Hi Adam:

    Sometimes I wonder ...... you are a better salesperson than a trader 🙂



    Thanks for the compliment. I have enjoyed great success in both disciplines.


  3. I have not been able to access the ten free lessons despite receiving the link through email and logged in. I was directed to the same site promoting the ten lessons but no lesson.

    KB See,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Here is the link you need. http://club.ino.com/courses/form/

    Just enter your first name and email and the lessons will start via email coming directly to you.


  4. I would like to sign up for the 10 free trading session


    Hi Judy,

    Use this link below to sign-up for the email course. You should receive your first email lesson no later than the next day.



    Lindsay Thompson
    Director of New Business Development
    INO.com & MarketClub.com

  5. Thankyou and a very happy new year to you and your excellent staff,wish you success onwards,

    Jay benaar, The holyland-Israel.

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