December Drawing Update

You have until the first stroke of 2009 to answer the December MarketClub Trader's Blog question, "Will the 1st trading day of 2009 be controlled by the bears or by the bulls?" So far the results have shocked me, as I didn't think the results would be so even. So far 80 people have said bears, 96 said bulls, and well 18 people have either said that it's too close to call or they danced around an answer... so if you haven't answered already, what do you think?

If you haven't already entered, you can click leave a comment for this post giving your answer. It just takes just a second, and only 5 key strokes... either B E A R S or B U L L S.

Good luck and I will share the winner with you on Monday the 5th. I hope 2009 is your best year both financially and personally.


Lindsay Thompson

Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

38 thoughts on “December Drawing Update

  1. As much as I love the Bulls, the Bears will dominate the 1st of January...Go Broncos, May Shannahan previal in another market (just not against us)

  2. BEARS - all indicators of consumer spending are dismal - has to have an effect on the market as a whole. Besides, the entire investment community is just too scared to take any positions until some indicators show that people are shifting their money from under the mattress to securities. However, there are going to be some companies who will benefit from the January Effect due to those stocks being beaten down due to emotional responses.

  3. I predect Australian Market to go from the top to plus nimus 200 points to 3600 market finish nearly at rhis level .this year 2400 -4500 Dow 6600 -9700 ,gold 1200 .we going be first BULLISH but will stay in lower renge in most of the year. MARK

  4. My charts say BULLS. I am the worst at timing but it is starting to really come together for a change of direction in the indexes. I have been long with options for a couple months now, and not long after they expire worthless, the market ussualy moves in the direction I hoped. But it seems they must get me out of the picture before it does. I am for the Treasuries to drop. I have been short since the middle November, you know, a couple days before they took off to the moon. Did I mention my bad timing with options and my poor buy and hold strategy?????? CounterTrend trading kills me every time!!!!!!

  5. The Bulls will dominate Jan, and the reason has nothing to do with the economy, which will go further south, but many will sell their treasuries to take advantage of the big gains and buy cheap stocks. This will put the Feds in a tight spot, because they have some major treasury auctions in Jan.and they need buyers of treasuries NOT sellers. This is the beginning of the end for low rates, and a high US dollar.

  6. cant load the december drawing page..sum error..


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    Lindsay Thompson
    Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

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