Happy Holidays from 5 brave staff members

Happy Holidays from MarketClub.

We had to bribe these five staff members with eggnog to get them to throw caution to the wind and break out their holiday dancing shoes. Our other staff members are working hard on the production line to finish all the new upgrades and features for the 2009 version of MarketClub. Don't worry, we are keeping all the features you love and adding some new tools that are going to rock your world.

From the entire staff of MarketClub, including the ones who are not in this video, thank you for all your support in 2008. Here's to a super profitable 2009.

Happy Holidays,
The MarketClub Team

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8 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from 5 brave staff members

  1. Here's to continued merriment in the New Year!

    I learned much from this site - thank you!

    (Harold, no one can tell you if you are on track with any particular pick. Have you checked out MarketClub's system of trading triangles? The system has the ability to many increases odds of success, reduces losses, and strip away the emotional stress.)

    NEW YEAR>>.also please give me some encouragement since all the DOOM AND GLOOM on wallstreet is making me sick...I love a company
    called Paragon Shipping Co PRGN with a comming FEB 13 09 Dividend of .50 and a recent buy back plan to spend 20 million buying back and retiring common shares....this should be great for shareholders into 09 and beyond..also their earnings were up alot in 08 ..so am i on the right track with companies like this that are giving these dividends so far..and i did hear that in 09 china will pick up imports of iron ore grains.cement ,etc for their expansions and the BDI Index will rise nicely in 09 as a result ..so please tell me i am on target with my findings
    thanks alot ....and all the best going forward.

  3. Thank you for bringing all of us along thru the trading jungle this year. Like everyone else, I'm looking forward to your changes this coming year as I enter into the actual business of (good golly, Miss Molley) trading after 4 years of study (as you have pointed out many times, being book-smart isn't the same as being trade-smart.
    Cheers, PATRICK

  4. now the we know the elves can dance. how about the elves doing the latin "lambda?" i am sure they will be working hard in '09 and may require a stress reliever.

  5. That was pretty cool.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the staff at Market Club. Thanks for all the hard work posting all the News and Charts.
    Tough Year made a little more toleralbe with the valuable insights.

  6. Heloow all Staff Member Friends,

    Realy you have done the great work at loving ino, round the year, and much thanks for the same.

    Hope to find even batter spirit for comming yera.

    Have a nice and happy holidayes.


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