How to make money almost anywhere, even on a desert island.

How to make money almost anywhere, even on a desert island.

It is probably every traders dream to trade from their own personal tropical island and make money, but can it be done? Oh yes, and in this short video I show you how it can be achieved. What you will see can be done from any location... so if you are on your own private island or you are still saving up to make that big purchase, this technique can be applied.

The dollar index, which is receiving a lot of publicity lately, is featured in this educational video. This index has made a major push to the upside. The question is, do you know what catalyst pushed this market higher? The other question is how high can the dollar go?

Watch the video here.

If you think it all happened just by luck, that this index is headed higher, think again. In my video I explain and show you in detail why this index is gaining upward trajectory and give specific price targets on the upside.

The year is almost over, and it's time to start thinking about the markets in 2009. Watch this video and see how you can get a leg up on the market in the new year.

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Adam Hewison


Co-Creator, MarketClub

5 thoughts on “How to make money almost anywhere, even on a desert island.

  1. Thanks Adam for this very clear demo of how the Trade Triangle technology works. There has been much talk among analysts about the US dollar gathering strength in the current deflationary environment.

    It seems investors and traders are beginning to sell the smaller, more vulnerable currencies and buying the US dollar.

    The trade triangle technology appears to be showing this very clear change in direction. It was interesting to see your example of the Fibonacci 38 per cent retracement in the US dollar index between February 2005 and January 2006.

    I also think the combination of using a monthly triangle to work out the trend and then using the weekly timescale for timing is very helpful.

    The idea of a seven year trend line is intriguing and to be honest I would be surprised if there was a retracement back to where that trend started.

    The factor likely to bring the rally in the US dollar index to a halt and signal a turning point in the market will be when the weight of the massive trillion dollars liquidity injections begins to ramp up global inflation.

    Then I believe we will see even more investors moving into the precious metals like gold and silver. And we saw a hint of that recently with gold being in backwardation. So, yes, for now I reckon we will get a US dollar index rally, but inflation will come back strongly.

    I am sure that the trade triangle technology will be alert to this next major shift in the markets.

    I wish everyone at a great holiday!

  2. While we all are dreaming about our own piece of paradise, I would like to thank Adam and the INO.COM team for your insights and educational posts/videos. Wishing you and your loved ones happy and safe holidays.

  3. Hey Adam,
    If I wanted to start trading the DX now, would it be best to just get in long now OR would I wait for the next weekly Exit Signal and get in on the following Buy signal (assuming the monthly was still long)?


    Thank you for your question. I would wait until we see a buy signal on the weekly Trade Triangle providing that the monthly Trade Triangle is still in a positive mode.

    Thanks and Happy holidays to you.


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