10 thoughts on “Here's to the success of our new president and the success of the country

  1. The latest crisis needs radical solutions as the world has never encountered such a situation and I dont think the new administration are up to it quite frankly. I hope they prove me wrong. They have regurgitated the same stuff as FDR and that is shame with all the rhetoric that Obama has sold himself on. The American spirit of Free Enterprise and invention can never be be questioned and that is the only 'hope' i have but will this be enough to end this terminal decline?

  2. I wish Barack Obama the very best as the 44th President of the United States. His administration has a huge challenge ahead both domestically and internationally.

    Both in terms of global economic recovery and in seeking a more stable and secure world, we look to the US for effective and creative leadership.

  3. Adam, though that was nicely done.. Im not the kind that appreciates optimistic videos starring folks who've never known reality.. please note.. the DOW was down 225 points after the inauguration. (as I write)

    Although I wish the new president the very best, and I loved the speech, I think America has lost the kind of leadership that made America what it was. All you have these days are the people in the video.. Though not american, Ive read the biography's of George Washington, Ben Franklin and Abe Lincoln...and these were giants among men.. I only hope that Obama can be half the leader that these men were.. and America will see things through..

    Salut! and all the best to your great nation...

  4. It is most important to fully realize that we are, in fact, all in this together! With all that we have facing us, we must inspire and be inspired to work together in a tireless fashion to bring about unity instead of devisiveness, positive spirit instead of helplessness and triumph instead of failure . I agree with Don that it is us, as Americans, that must rise up to the betterment of this great country and remember how it got to be the greatest country in the world!

  5. I,Jay Bynaar,citizen of Israel,your little

    brother country,we all pledge,God bless the good,

    goodhearted peoople of America,understanding our

    continuous inferno,bless you all and lots of

    success because yours will be also our and the

    rest of the world.Lets hope that it'l be 100%

    Barac and zero hussein, yours, Jay.

  6. Although I am not an American,But, I strongly believe that your New President will bring Not only your country but also this planet a better future for all of us.

  7. I agree with don,Very nicely done and inspiring.Let us all do our part.We are all One and we are “All Americans”.

  8. I think this country and the world is heading for protectionism. What is all this bailout of financial institutions and other industries if not not for protectionism. And we do this out of a state of panic and bewilderment. We don't allow the market place to be the market place. Where does Obama fit into all this? Well he is a socialist. Maybe not a hardcore socialist but a socialist nontheless. He is going to aid and abet this protectionist movement. In a few years when our nation is throughly protected by protectionism , and trade and flow of money has ceased to substanially flow then we leave ourselves open to extreme nationalism. And I think we all know what can result from that.

  9. Very nicely done and inspiring, let's "HOPE" that this isn't a New Year's resolution but a goal that we all aspire to every day and that the "Change" that we bring not only in ourselves will also be change that others will embrace in themselves as well. We are all One and we are "All Americans".

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