How To Conquer The Forex Market & Laugh All The Way To The Bank (New Video)

Today, we are dissecting and examining one of my favorite markets ... the Forex market. The Forex market is the biggest in the world and is traded on a 24/7 basis.

What makes these markets so exciting is the fact that they have a very strong tendency to trend, that is, once they get started in one direction they tend to continue in that direction for some time.

I learned how to trade Forex in the trading pits of Chicago where I was a member of the IMM, a division of the Chicago Mercantile exchange. The CME has grown dramatically over the years, and I have many fond memories of trading in the old exchange in Chicago. Today, you can trade the stock of the CME (NASDAQ_CME). That's a good idea for our next video, let us know if you would like to see a video on trading the stock of the CME.

I digress to today's video.

Today we are exploring the relationship between the Euro and the Dollar (EURUSD). In this short video, which we are making available without cost or registration, you'll catch a glimpse of a conservative way to trade the Forex markets. This approach will detach you from your computer screen and show you how to enjoy your free time without having to worry about the markets.

I would not recommend this movie if you are risk adverse. Trading in Forex, the futures markets, and in any market for that matter always has an element of risk.

I hope you enjoy this educational Forex trading video and that you're able to see the value in this approach.

Every success in the markets.


Adam Hewison
Co-creator, MarketClub

6 thoughts on “How To Conquer The Forex Market & Laugh All The Way To The Bank (New Video)

  1. Barry,

    The amount you use to open an account is not the most important element to your trading. What is important is to learn first how the Forex markets work. This could be following the EUR/USD or any of the major crosses and paper trading a cross.

    Once you are confident with your approach you can then allocate funds. I suggest that you trade the smallest size amount that you can. Don't worry too much about profits, worry more about losses. This to me is one of the keys to successful trading.

    As you know we are not brokers and our policy is to be broker neutral. What than means is we do not recommend any brokers.

    Thanks for your comment and every success.


  2. Hi Adam-Appreciate your videos. Some of us have not tried the forex markets. Could you say what would be a minimum required amount of capital for a beginner to trade forex and be able to last the drawdowns one would experience? Also I have understand that the problem with trading forex is that the brokers do a poor job for the small trader,that is very high charges and poor execution.Based on your experience could you share your thoughts on these questions?
    Thank you,Barry

  3. Hello Adam- Good video. I have not traded forex. How much capital, based on your experience, should one have to start trading this market?Further, I understand that it is very difficult for the average trader to find a broker who will execute well and not cost too much in commissions. Can you give us the benefit of your experience? Thanks for the help you give us.

  4. Hello Adam,

    Thank you for your online help. I live in the South of France and do not have any traders to interact with around here,so your online help is very much appreciated.

    Yes, it would be very nice to see a video on the stock CME.

    A bientot,


    1. Loic,

      Many thanks for your feedback. I have very fond memories of the South of France. Having lived in Geneve for six years I visited your country many times during that time frame.

      I'll see if time permits to make a video on my old exchange the CME sometime early next week.

      Best regards,

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