Senator Dodd, Why Don't You Be A Man, Admit Your Mistake And Resign

Senator Dodd you accepted $223,000 from AIG in campaign contributions, you changed the language in the bill to provide a loophole for AIG and then say some mysterious White House administration official told you to do it. Then you try and back pedal and squirm out of what you did. How dumb do you think the American people are?

Senator Dodd, why don't you be a man, admit your mistake and resign. You have been at your post long enough, its time to move on.

Read the whole sordid, sickening story here.

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33 thoughts on “Senator Dodd, Why Don't You Be A Man, Admit Your Mistake And Resign

  1. WOW! I'm impressed from all the comments, It gives me some faith that some of us see through all the B.S. in congress. Just add PELOSI and REID to the see ya later list. Would be a good start. Reality is here, hopefully america is starting to wake up to why they have a knot in their stomach. And vote the old cronies out of office. That's our power and we had better start using it.

  2. I sent Dodd this same message the day it became obvious he was lying. He has his hand out for anyone to fill it, including Countrywide Mortgage mogul, Mozilo, and now we are bailing out Fannie and Freddie? In my opinion, he is a good example of what not to be when you are supposed to be "a public servant." Wonder how much in taxes he may have hidden from the IRS with the under the table benefits. Several others are in his shoes too. We have a very corrupt congress.

  3. I see that S&P futures are up 13 points this evening, supposedly on the announcement of a new program for the "toxic assets". Someone tell me why we should be so excited about another program from a government that has created the mess, tried to play "gotcha" with financial execs and their compensation, tried to ride to the rescue as if they were the only ones who could, changed the rules to retroactively punish with targeted taxes, and lied to drum up phony outrage with their media cohorts? Why should any private equity investors step up and take the risk that they might be left holding the bag on any losses in the assets or, worse, have any profit snatched away by the government because of new outrage that someone might have actually profited from doing business with that government?

  4. Starting with Barack Obama, the whole lot should be impeached. Obama was born in Kenya. What a joke on the American people. This game is dangerous beyond our conprehension.

  5. Wow. I imagine the original founders of this great country are turning over in their graves. What a dumb bunch of ignoramuses we have in this democratically-controlled congress!! And Obama is so wet behind the ears and naive, I can't stand it.

    Honestly, I never thought I would miss Paulson and George W., but I am. And Nancy Pelosi has got to be the worst space cadet I've ever had the misfortune of having to listen to (mostly I tune her out). I mean this woman is a walking airhead.

    We need someone big enough to run this country. Reagan was big enough for the office, so was Clinton even though he thought with his small head too much. Now we have mental midgets every where I look. God help us.

  6. Sorry Sir,I'm not American and not allowed to comment.
    You're right with one thing,talking openly although its a painfull
    purification,so,YOU THE AMERICAN PEOPLE will have to decide how far to go as painfull and degrading as it is,you've been allright with us Jews
    in Israel and only simpaty won't do,we the Israeli people wish you all
    the best,it'll take time but economically you're the first to be out of
    this mess second will be China and Israel 3rd.(because the sane free world needs us). Shabat Shalom,Jay. 3/20/09

  7. Dodd's fall into criminal behavior didn't start with AIG or Countrywide. The devil is in the details, the smaller compensations, the skimming, the inside leaks. This guy is as dirty as Huey Long. Now that we know he's dirty, vote him out of office and give his seat on the Banking committee to my dog Moe.

  8. Don't forget, Dodd is one of the pols who got special treatment from Countrywide Mortgage. The Senator repeatedly denied knowing about it despite the Countrywide employee stating he had personally spoken to Sen. Dodd while working in a division whose purpose was to give sweet loans to people in influential positions.

  9. ......perhaps an Al qaeda cell could perform a videoed decapitation for us , heart rip out and quartered to show that we are "displeased with this behaviour" and it would be wise for others considering simiilar actions to realize that your Life Assurance policy would be invalid upon death caused like doubt this public execution would make your family deeply proud of you

  10. The name of the game is, "Screw the Taxpayer" - and if you're caught lie, cheat, hide and wriggle until people forget about it - let's campaign to have the crook prosecuted with all of the others covering up for him.

  11. To me it is incomprehensible how a senator can change the text of a law after it passed the senate. That should be illegal; it is at least a miserable trickery that I see as undemocratic.

    There is another problem: Laws should NEVER be made retroactive. How can I trust the law (or the whole legal system) if I do something today that is legal and tomorrow they make a law that makes my action illegal?

    Senators are in my view like warlords. They act in a seemingly legal way but their goal is enriching themselves and their buddies. They are role models and that is why few have morals and a sense of responsibility.

    What was the phrase? Best government money can buy? I support the suicide idea.

  12. LOL.... it does get worse... your friend Obama who you americans voted in was also in cahoots with AIG.... can I also inform all of you that the reason they are bailing out AIG is because the government pensions are there... not because it deserves to be bailed out.... lol.... funny.... Any of you that voted democrat because you were sick of bush should think twice... not that I agree with all that Bush did but ... "yes we can" lol... that's funny... yes you can on the taxpayers money.... weasels all of those involved with AIG.... can you imagine AIG paying out 165 million in bonuses with taxpayer money?? lol..... sorry... its just so funny the plain rotten core greed of these people is so amazing lol... its truly better than any soap opera I've ever seen on tv. What's the spending up to now? 100 trillion... why don't they just use monopoly money now?

  13. Brad, The whole mess was known to all of the above. They agreed to keep these people on to sort out the mess they created. These employees we all terminated and given a bonus if they would stay 6 mo to 1 year with out looking for a job. The irritating part is congress knew this was going on and agreed to it. Chris Dodd, Timothy Geithner, Obama. As far as I'm concerned Mr. Geithner should never have gotten the job in the first place and Mr Dodd should resign his position because of collusion with his contributors. And if you notice when the Government stops bailing out companies they seem to do OK, which is how the capitalist system should work. Cull out the bad let the solid pick up the slack and we all move on. The Government just prolongs the situation or makes it worse. This is just one mans take on this whole mess.

  14. $223,000? Gee, that might get even a U. S. Senator's attention.

    Can you say "bribe" in six syllables? cam - PAIGN con - tri - BU - tion

    Stop repeat offenders. Don't re-elect them!

  15. The people are not blind, sometimes slow to see, but falling pole numbers are beginning to confirm the wisdom of these infamous words of warren buffet "sooner or later the tide will go out and when it does, it will become very clear to everyone else who has been swimming naked" don't worry the tide is swiftly going out and the american people including many wealthy Democrats (finally!!!) are beginning to recognize very clearly; not only who, but also the magnitude of incompetency inherent within the confederacy of dunces they have elected to office, and saying to themselves "Oh no!! What did we do!! and how are we going to get rid of these idiots before we also lose all of our fortunes that we have worked so hard for". By far, wealthy Democrats who voted along their party line have got to be the biggest fools in history to have actually voted in favor of having their wealth, that they have worked so hard for and rightfully earned, confiscated from them to be "spread around" and given to those who did not. BTW on a foreign polocy note, Hugo Chavez just gave Russia permission to build a military air base in Venesuela capable of handling long range bombers, each of which can carry 20 nuclear weapons. Which begs the question, how much will all this matter and how much will all our wealth be worth if Russia or far more likely, some terrorist exploits the incompetance of our "leaders" to blow up a nuclear weapon that makes the 911 disaster look miniscule, in one or several of our cities?

  16. What a bunch of jerks yu all are. Dodd initially had legislation that was very tough on exec bonus for TARP takers. None of yu ever pulled a lever other then repub. Get real. Try as yu much to blame the collapse of capitalism on the gov. It was repubs that nixed the regs. When I graduated many years ago in econ, it was an accepted fact that capitalism had to be managed (goverened) not laissezi-fare. Yur free mkt trading has Amer$ca indebted to China/Japan, massive unemployment white male salaries down over yur 30 years of repubican rein. Just spare me with this adolecsent hype about the dem gov did all this. Yu all get what yu deserve...

  17. Better yet Sen. Dodd should take Sen. Grassley's advice that he gave to the execs of AIG. Resign and then commit ritual suicide.

  18. I will never vote democrat again. This entire crew has been a huge diappointment to me. Corruption seems to be just oozing from the democratic party lately. Change my butt. More like a ratcheting up a few notches of the same crap.

  19. Hey Adam...I am confused. Didn't Geithner admit to inserting the loophole because they were afraid the federal govt. would be sued? It also doesn't make sense why there are calls for his ouster when most of the people who are calling for it, know that Dodd is most probably the culprit.

    Even though you don't think we've seen an equities bottom yet, we are at least starting to show a little life, probably because Geithner has made some sort of headway figuring out how to stabilize this mess...and now we want him out, just to make a point! Brilliant.

    And who do they propose take over the job...Summers? Why bother? They were already working together. We have a bunch of (mostly selfish) children in Washington explaining how things should be done on Wall Street...meanwhile, they want to worry about stupid things (like where they will be getting their next contributions from.


    1. I agree 100%. Start with Barack Obama, who was born in Kenya and is not eligible to be president of US. This whole administration is a dangerous farce.

  20. "Senator Dodd you accepted $223,00 from AIG"

    That number is subject to a lot of interpretation. Either a zero is missing, or the comma should be a period. (In which case, AIG sure got a bargain for two hundred bucks.)

  21. FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT! Why are people so blind to the reality of these Government morons. They aren't even hiding their lies and deceit...yet people continue to vote for them. Please let this blog post reach millions who will take action. Email this post to your friends, digg it, or do whatever you can to get the word out.

    1. I agree but do you really want to send him home when he'll still be making his same pay when he retires...change the system and put them on social security!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I agree with everything said except change "or" in the next to last sentence to "and."

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