We got our bailout money ... did you get yours!!

I was lucky enough to convince Bob, who heads up advertising, and Lindsay who is our director of new business to join me as we head to Washington to pick up our bailout checks. Enjoy.

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From all the staff at MarketClub and INO.com who bolted when I asked them to volunteer for this video spoof on Washington.

Happy St. Patrick's day.

It looks like we are going to need the luck of the Irish to get out of this recession.

Enjoy, reflect and laugh out loud ... It's good for you.

All the best,

Adam Hewison

President, INO.com

Co-creator, MarketClub

11 thoughts on “We got our bailout money ... did you get yours!!

  1. cute vid. i made some good money on lehman, TMA and wamu before these levels they are at. i continue to make money on junk like citi, bank of America, FNM FRE PCX ABK JNY F GM DRYS. I found to get ahead you need to take a huge risk and buy them right-then wait for the rally! Thanks for your videos and chart teachings. we've done well in a bear market and i've been bold enough to quit my construction business.

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