Gone Fishin ...

Just a quick heads up.

I am heading to New Zealand for a two week holiday.

Taking a break from the markets is never a bad thing. It allows you to recharge your batteries and enjoy family. I will be visiting my daughter Brittany who will be getting married next year to a great Kiwi guy.

I plan on returning to the States on May 4th.

Til then, all the best to all our great MarketClub members and readers of this blog.

Adam Hewison

President, INO.com
Co-creator, MarketClub

P.S. I also hope to get some great New Zealand fly fishing in while I'm away.

29 thoughts on “Gone Fishin ...

  1. New Zealand, huh? From now on, I'll think about you every time I look at NZD/CAD & NZD/USD (every day).

    Happy Trails Adam...

  2. Congrats on your daughter's marriage and have ball in New Zealand, been there and really loved it. The market will be here when you get back and we are looking forward to hearing how your vacation went.

  3. Crocky!

    I knew there was something strange about your accent,

    and also very familiar, yet not apparent explicitly.

    Have a large serving of kumera chips in between outings, my suggestion; one of the many local dishes I miss so much.

    oh and dont get me started on the terakihi and Hapuku...

  4. Hi Adam, I am yet to become a member of market club but have enjoyed your videos a lot .I wish you success with your trip, and I wish your daughter a happy and fulfilling married life. God bless you all.


  5. Have a great time Adam. The Kiwi land is beautiful. Bring back some new ideas (you will probably think about the markets from time to time even while on vacation).

  6. Adam, As a fly tyier and fisherman I wish you catch "the trout." If the trout are not interested, try the fly all anglers have and think, "they will never hit that." It will usually work.

  7. We all know that this market has been pumped up of PURE FRAUD, so relax & enjoy yourself.

    We will hold it right there till you return, so you will not miss anything.

    Ha Ha Ha.


  8. G'day Adam,
    Great Country - you'll enjoy it immensely. I also have a daughter married to a Kiwi - he is affectionately known within our Australian family as the "Iwik" - that's a backward Kiwi.
    Ric Richardson

  9. enjoy! however, I think we are in a really interesting point on the market timing. I will miss a lot your advise at this point 🙁

  10. Hey Adam,

    Wish you a very good and safe trip. Enjoy the time and togetherness with your family and see you soon back on marketclub:)

    Hemant Lulla

  11. I've always been fascinated with New Zealand--had a pen pal there years ago (you can tell this was loooooong ago). Never been there yet, though, but if our US economy gets much worse, I'd consider moving there.

    Enjoy your much-deserved holiday and say Hi to Brittany & fiance from us all. Family time is always more important than work, and you're doing a good thing to get away from it all for a while. I'm sure your staff will do a great job of holding down the fort while you're gone.

    Please give us a report if you can on the state of the Kiwi economy, at least from what you can observe there. Pics would be nice too! Every time I trade the NZD pairs I'll be thinking of you, LOL.


  12. Have a good one!

    (Hmmmm....I wonder if Adam uses the 'Trade Triangles Technology' to help plan his vacations?)


  13. Good time for a break, this market is ready for a major correction, then I believe it will be off to the races after the correction. Way overbought. Have a good one !!!

    1. Hi
      Koalas are in Australia. No Koalas in New Zealand, It is a (very) different country. We do have a small flightless bird with a long beak called a Kiwi though!


  14. Two weeks with Market Club and 422 pips up is good news for me! This stuff can be very addictive so I'm sure your break will do you good. It can be hard when you're kids live in a different country, as I know only too well, but it makes the together times even more special.

  15. Have a great time!

    I just joined MarketClub and I am still trying to figure everything out on here but so far I love it! Don't drift to far away from your computer while you are way. I have a gut feeling that this market is about to do a very large retracement. I'll be watching it very closely.

    Have a great vacation.

  16. Enjoy the simcha, watching your daughter getting married/starting her own family and appreciating what is happening is a blessing....good travels to you and your family. cmg

  17. All the best Adam, have a great trip. And dont forget to do the Bungee jump in NZ. I did it when I was there and it was super cool.

  18. All the best for the holiday - well desreved. Your insights will be missed, but I know your team will cover for you. I wonder if you have the fortitude not to open any stock charts on your your trip?


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