Trader’s Blog Contest For May

“Looking back at President Obama's 100th Day in office... How would you describe his economic policies - Good, Bad, or Ugly?”

Just answer… Good, Bad, or Ugly (specific opinions optional) to be entered in a drawing for the prize below.


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Comment on this post telling us if you would describe the economic policies implemented by Obama as Good, Bad or Ugly. Just write GOOD, BAD, or UGLY, but feel free to voice your opinion… just keep it clean and remember that there is only one entry per person.


1. This contest is open until 11:59 PM (PST) on May 31st, 2009.

2. No wrong answers, any participation counts as an entry.

3. One entry per email address.

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5. Winner will be contacted on Monday June 1st, 2009 via email.

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350 thoughts on “Trader’s Blog Contest For May

  1. ugly very ugly because of their long term results of steps taken by Mr.obama.

  2. Ugly 100 days of more campaign speeches and look at me "I am
    the president"---or "I like hearing me speak".

    What economic policies?---just bail out the banks, cover
    all the problems up and hope nobody(us)can figure out
    the truth. Typical lame president--that's his job as
    one of the Goldman Sach's good ol boys. Commander and Chief
    and puppet.

  3. Ugly for the long haul. Pumping trillions of digital dollars into the market place may help pull the nation out of the recession, but in the long haul we will have double digit inflation at a minimum and a debt that we can never dig ourselves out from under.

  4. It's Ugly now and about to get much worse. Many of our elected and appointed belong in jail.

  5. Stimulus package was one small step for Obama but one giant leap to Socialism.

  6. good! he is on the right track & i think he will deliver. you can't reform a broken economy in just days! give him time....

  7. Ugly. Totally illegal also, throw in unconstitutional. In my book "America's Monetary Mess" (also available in as a speech in a 1/2 hour CD)we outline how inflation is illegal here in the United States.The result of the government monetizing the debt will result in massive creation of purchasing media will result in higher prices of goods and services with a correlating rise in interest rates. Go long TBT and long commodities.

  8. Initally good. He had to do something. But it is the bad move, which will turn UGLY!

  9. Good
    I am always amazed at the hatred and anamosity any question about Obama policies brings out. Name calling seems to be something I did as a child. As I grew I was taught to use data more than emotions to make my decisions. If calling someone a marxist or socialist, finding out the meaning of the word would serve some more than just repeating what they have been told.

  10. Both Good and Bad

    A week ago, I sat through a diatribe by one of my father's university roomates. I accorded him the respect that was owed him for his 80 plus years but it made me think at the time how people can be right some of the time but by taking a fixed stand, they can also be wrong unless they look beyond the first level.

    Natural Laws are immutable. A government cannot stop an economic cycle but they can soften the effects of one.

  11. Just ask yourself "what would I do" If your answer is much different that what he did then be a critic but as for myself my hand would have been forced to do the same things that He has done Ugly as they are,not to do them could be worse than lending a old friend 3k on a good faith agrement if you catch my drift.Tough conditions call for tough actions.Peace

  12. Just plain Bad. No different than the last guy. I've heard its called "change"

  13. Its the policy of prolonged agony. Policy allowing capitalists to socialize their losses is the worst thing on earth. It can not be sustainable for a longer term. I think we will see even deeper depression. UGLY!!!!!!!!!

  14. I look at this as a Constitutional problem. Where in the Constitution is the authority given to ANYONE in the government to fire CEO's, takeover businesses, establish National Health care(or any government largess) redistribute wealth, punish free markets (cap and trade, etc.)or guarantee education through College? The Republicans are as bad as the Democrats. Neither listen to their constituents, they are only interested in power (theirs).

    This country was established on the principle of equal OPPORTUNITY for all, NOT equal OUTCOMES. If you focus on outcomes, you establish the LOWEST common denominator as the standard.

  15. Ugly. Doing nothing would be better than what they're doing. It makes you wonder who they're taking orders from. But doing nothing would require incredible courage and would not be tolerated by the masses. See you all at the bottom at DOW below 1,000.

  16. Ugly - pouring future good money after bad $, let the weak banks fail. Survival of the fitest! Don't burden your future generations with more debt!

  17. Bad... it looks for short term solution, making it even more difficult to handle future problems.


    I don't understand so many of the above posters posted an opinion without saying good, bad or ugly? Go figure

    The middle class of America is in Trouble big. Religious freedom is in big trouble as well as Freedom of Speech and the Right to Bear Arms.

  19. Good,
    I am a republican. Our party has iqnored the health care mess, the Wall Street abuse and the assalt by millions of Mexicans so long that we lost the country, we became a joke, anti everything new. We did not give folks any choice, so they voted for change, any change. Now the Democrats have near total control. They will take us on a muti-decade decline into socialism while the rest of the world, even the communists, race toward capitalism. Obama is good because the reason for the rapid decline of the USA will be clear cut and not subject to debate. The best that can come of this is that we will serve as a lesson for the old communists on what not to do.

  20. He is trying his level best,and he did not have magic wand,worst economical cycle is going.Americans should learn to put extra efferts in learning,hard working,saving

  21. bad, why do they all still let the CEO and the likes walk away with such large payouts while others lose jobs and gain stress...

  22. Ugly. Obama'a extreme tax and spend approach is sure to create disaster down the road. Plunging the taxpayers into that much debt can only harm the economy. Thanks for this blog, Adam.

  23. GOOD for all the bloodsucking entitlements given the people who deserve them by not taking advantage of free schooling, not paying mortgages which they had agreed to, those on the political inside, and the Bankruptcy isn't bad crowd.
    BAD for almost everyone else.

  24. good,
    just wait and watch.
    he just started his presidentialship from some days.
    he knows all his responsibilities.spoiled economy not be cleaned in hurry & is not a magic.steps taking by barack obama started.he have his own full confidence.
    tree is planted wait for fruits for time.

  25. I just wanted to comment on the written words of "ludy" above. I don't know when I have read a more concise, accurate and sobering comment on the "obamination" manifested by "President" Obama. He will be the greatest disgrace ever brought on this country.... There isn't ONE single African country that shows any promise whatsoever, except to return to the morass of tribalism.... Expert BS'ers...but not much else. Obama is nothing more than a pirate in sheeps clothing.......

  26. is this economic situation at hand. I fear policies & regulations are too controled politically and appeal to too many individual agendas. Should Presidents solicit campaign promises? By definition it is just "an organized effort toward achieving a specific political goal". Is anyone else struggling to know who to trust at this point....incl. the media who reports?.. Very mixed feelings. In the meantime, individually we DO know the right things to be doing and until that happens with conviction and collectively, I fear nothing will really change.

  27. is the economic situation at hand. I fear policies are far roo political and may appeal more to individual agendas. Do not know really who to trust at this point. Individually we do know the right things to do and until that happens collectively, nothing will change.

  28. Even though is not 100% perfect but through time and perseverance things will work out fine.I'm all out supporting his economic policies. Good


  30. UGLY the repercussions from his actions are already starting to rear thier UGLY heads and they are just newborn wait till they grow up.
    As far as helping the market !!!!! Another UGLY as I believe it is going farther down yet Historically this small pullback is to be expected be ready we have not seen the end of this yet.

  31. Depends which party you belong to.

    For myself, it is worse than bad, worse than ugly, it is "ylgu"!!!!!

    He is free with giving taxpayers money to bail out worthless scum that caused the housing loan failures, the failing banks, the decay of the American Automotive Industry, and from the print news he will be pluggin to dump hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out the faulty commercial loans; yet, I lost over $500,000 in my IRA's and no one is talking about how to compensate all of the Senior Citizens, the soon to be retired work force personnel who have been planning and counting to have their Retirement Nest Egg who have likewise lost countless trillions of dollars during the economic melt down.

    He is very glib with his tounge, but watching him last night answer the questions from the Press, it was note worthy to mention he ducked answering the specific question and glossed over the really important issues with his razzle dazzle BS.


  32. BAD not enough measures has taken as per as econmic policy, where has other sector like international events he is far better than his predecessor

  33. BAD!!!
    The rich will always spring back. The Middleman will struggle in the middle and the poor will get poorer!

  34. An absolute tragedy of unbridled proportions. Nothing good will come out of this man and his "handlers"!

  35. mixed----Good--he has brought enough confidence back in the American people to spark a huge rally on Wall Street. Bad---- throwing money at the poor and downtrodden hasn't worked for the 75 years since the end of the depression.What makes Obama think he can do it now. Ugly--- Higher taxes,more regulation, increased government participation in individual companies---ALL OF WHICH impinge very severely on the entrepenurial spirit and drive which has been the backbone of job creation,new products and an overall lifting of our economy to give the US the greatest staqndard of living in the world.

    PS In the long run the politics of envy, which seem to be a major component of the policies being pushed by Obama and the Democratic Party will either destroy this marvelous standard of living that we have, or bring a backlash that could take on a life of its own far different from what you might expect

  36. Good, good and GOOD ! Understand though that some might say : '' Yeap bloody good ''. But watch for what's coming ! As a canadian, when looking at your country, no doubt that Obama should be there till 2016. Time will tell. Anyway, that's what most canadians will wish you. You deserve to have such a smart guy running your country. Obama leadership is inspiring many others parts of the world, us included. Let's trust the guy. Let's be patient and just beleive that the worst in being us.

  37. I'm worried on how this huge deficit will play out, as I near retirement staggering inflation is a real possibility. Inflation is a hidden tax, the government is plundering the tax payers.

  38. If you want a BUSINESS .... screwed for ever .... Get the Government Involved. (UGLY)

    We have come full circle ...FREE ENTERPRISE ... is now
    Full Blown Socialism ...

    And they have done it with OUR TAX Money ....

    CPP lost 25% of the face amount and will now be out of funds within 10 years...

    We should sell Canada directly to the US Government for $1 million for each and every Canadian .... then we can all retire and live debt free for ever ....

    News item our Prime Minister cannot even President Obama's name .. reference yesterdays prime time news cast he called him by name "George Bush" ... Canadas best cannot even show up for a Photo Shoot at G7. I wonder how he gets home LOL..

  39. From accross the pond i read with great interest Obama blogs, and am puzzled that USA and UK politicians think that they can inflate their problems away by printing money. Thats what Mugabi did in Zimbabwe, after only a few years prices for food were doubling every day until a cabbage cost over a billion dollars. My advice is start growing cabbages! The US Dollar is toast along with the GB Pound. There is no group of countries on earth has ever managed debts so large as in this recession/depression. America, Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Mexico, Spain, Equador, Estonia, Bolivia, Hungary etc, etc. The list is too long already, and we are only half way down the precipice. If as i believe it is governments profligacy/stupidity that has attempted to fund the global population of seven billion people by using up vast quantities of fossil fuels without thought to any sustainable future. you are possibly witnessing a rather messy and dangerous start to the endgame of our whole oil based system! Unfortunately there is no way this planet can sustain its population for much longer. So i believe the answer is very UGLY!

  40. Good, bad or ugly, it doesn't matter. Experience is what teaches us we need alot more. Unfortunatly for the nation our President needs alot more. Now is not the time for on the job training. I must say, in any economic environment money never sleeps and opportunity always knocks. So, let's make alot of money cause I'm wide awake and I hear the knock.

  41. it was GOOD enough to get the country behind him , BAD ideas and policies that will take this country and it's people into worse areas , and will be very UGLY for our kids and and grandkids to clean up....hope some how socialism works for them

  42. Obama and his intentions are the Good, the Federal Reserve with the "new world order" agenda is the Bad and the probable/inevitable Fascism is the real Ugly.

  43. GOOD for a short time
    BAD for the long time. Unlimited printing of money has an inflatonary effect.The amount of debt is rising.This will be as a metal ball attached on our feet for many years.

  44. Good for those who have positioned themselves to take advantage of the policies.
    Bad, very bad, for those who haven't.
    Ugly for the majority of the world.

    That said, I wouldn't want his job for all the money he's printing!

  45. Very bad, ugly and SCARY. He and his CFR administration have kicked the move to a police state and socialism into high gear! Check into the legislation approved and proposed that is not making the mainstream news.

  46. UGLY - why? (1) Isn't working (2) Bank Stress tests are a joke (3) next some other insurers will go under.

  47. GOOD. Too much talk but after eight years of devastation, if anybody can do a better job turning economy back up in 100 days... they are welcome to step up to the plate.

  48. Bad & Ugly- So concerned about the next and the next generations, that will be paying the price.

  49. UGLY - the level of inflation will increase dramatically in the next 1-2 years and will be a millstone around the necks of everyone in the U.S. Obama had to do something, but what he did is not going to help the U.S. and its population. While the US is bailing out banks and companies and putting the U.S. populaton in a worse position in the next few years, the Chinese are buying up many of the resource, minerals and energy stocks so that they can position themselves well for these scarce resources.

  50. BAD.

    He's got given some lemons, but he certainly isn't making lemonade IMO.

  51. i think it,s going to be ugly,there are more problems too, it must take timo to fix these, we dont take de bottom yet, thanks to market club

  52. Good, at least this President is smart enough to figure most things out and take action

  53. I had escaped from USSR 40 years ago to enjoy FREEDOM and would hate to sing the song "Back to US, back to US, back to USSR". Dont have a place to escaped to from here. But I think all you pessimists are judging Obama to soon. Unless you expected a revolution, real, true changes must take time to work and develop. And no one will disagree that the past administration perhaps was the worse one in the history of USA. I think it is heroic to even wish to be in the position to fix the mess and chaos inherited. So lets not knock the guy yet and give him some time.

  54. Overall, UGLY.

    In two years we have the opportunity to de-elect some of the Democratic congress, which might slow the Obama Socialist Express somewhat. Then, if we can keep some our freedoms that are leaving us every day, we will have the chance to end the Express.

  55. Good - But may not be good enough. Bur I pray it is. They are using the auto industry as a coverup and a distraction to the really big problem of how to survive the biggest bank robbery of all time. Read the handwriting on the wall. A big deal made over a few billion and accountability demanded but for the banks no questions asked, no accountability. Afraid that they can't survive all the real truth on how much and how bad it really was and still is. Obama inherited the whole thing. 8 years of total irresposibility.

  56. as a old hillbilly who can remember back to the beginning of world war 2 Obama has done good. you people who keep yelling about socialism would like to return to the day when those who could not fend for themselves where allowed to starve, freeze, do without medical attention, etc. in those days the work was never ending, the nights were long, cold and dark in the winter, long, hot and dark in the summertime. why do those of you who have so much begrudge those who have so little, a cool breeze in the summer some warmth in the winter, food when they are hungry, light when it is dark?

    1. Thank-you Mr. Taylor. You have noticed the thread of maliciousness and lack of caring for others. It's like an emotional desert.

  57. The U.S. economy is too big and too strong to be hurt by any one administration, no matter HOW badly they perform. It's too soon for a report card on THIS administration, but I'd rather see a lurch towards Diplomacy/Solialism/Peace than what went down in the recent past.

    I think this administration has inherited a mess and is NOT acting like a deer caught in the headlights. It has sought counsel from numerous 'experts' and is forging ahead on many fronts. "Mother Nature" will prevail in the end and good times will return.
    I think the worst is over and the recovery has begun
    ___in one hundred days___I say the results are GOOD

    1. Rick, you are naive beyond comprehension. No wonder you voted for Obama. There may have been reasons why you voted that way; the war waste-yes, Bush having won the election that got him in-maybe, you drank the media-provided negative Kool Aid regarding just about EVERYTHING Bush and his administration did-absolutely...but to say you'd rather see a "lurch towards Diplomacy/Socialism/Peace" is positive just plain makes you sound STUPID (and you are). Pull your head out of your rectum and see the light! We are all holding hands and whistling down an unlighted path past a graveyard having a sign overhead titled oblivion.

  58. Ugly--- unprecedented and irresposible spending with billions of bonuses to wall street fat cats and hardly any help for the masses of lower middle class families loosing their houses.And it is their children and grandchildren who will be paying a good portion of the bill.

  59. Good

    Although there is know perfect policy instrument,i feel that in the long run the American economy will be better off for it and help resuscitate other world economy.Recent economic data shows an improvement and its a sign that the economy is slowly picking up.

  60. The U.S. economy is too big and too strong to be hurt by any one administration, no matter HOW badly they perform. It's too soon for a report card on THIS administration, but I'd rather see a lurch towards Diplomacy/Solialism/Peace than what went down in the recent past.

  61. UGLY But wait it is going to get worse, Why would He want the G20 to control our financial regulations?

  62. Good. Considering he's attempting to mop up the mess Bush and his cronies left behind.

  63. In my opinion Obama's fiscal/monetary policies are but a prelude to future inflation, massive unemployment, and collapse of the american currency.

    I am critical of all the politicians who waffle and dither while people's savings and living standards deteriorate.

    What is required by all are robust and energetic policies to safeguard the status quo and trumpet to the world that the republic is united and strong and will not yield.

  64. At this point I can't disagree with the direction the big O has taken. The financial system had to be stabilized which he has accomplished so far. Unfortunately there was a huge price to pay. Only time will tell if that price was to much.

  65. UGLY!!!
    Obama is a puppet for the New World Order.

    Henry Kissinger has revealed what Obama is going to try to do to bring about bring about a New World Order.

    Kissinger writes (Henry Kissinger: The world must forge a new order or retreat to chaos - 20 January 2009):

    1. “The alternative to a new international order is chaos.”
    2. “The extraordinary impact of the President-elect on the imagination of humanity is an important element in shaping a new world order.”
    3. “The ultimate challenge is to shape the common concern of most countries and all major ones regarding the economic crisis, together with a common fear of jihadist terrorism, into a strategy reinforced by the realisation that the new issues like proliferation, energy and climate change permit no national or regional solution.”
    4. “The role of China in a new world order is crucial.

  66. Until we get people back to work the whole economy will continue
    to suffer, and I see no signs of this happening.
    I do like Obama, but think he is getting bad advice.
    Our government is out of touch with the people.
    I do feel that eventually Obama will lead us to a turnaround.

  67. A great patriot said it far better than I,
    " there are times when it is necessary to shed the blood of patriots and politicans"
    America has elected a bigoted globalist who will think first of appeasing
    his European socialist friends to the great peril of our liberty,sovereignty and well being.

  68. This president has heart and has the makeup of a person who understands humanity combined with strong determination to do right by people who struggle in their daily life. His policies may not be supportive of the wealthy members of our society but I believe in the short term their enactment will benefit the majority of the people in this country. To this point I rate this president very high.

  69. U-G-L-Y!!!!!
    Eight years of Bush brought us to the tipping point and Obama is using that as an excuse to shove his agenda down our throats. The sad truth is, the American public is either buying it or allowing it to happen. We as a logical and levelheaded citizenship have a voice and we must join those voices and roar. If we don't make a stand than we deserve everything that is coming our way. SW

    1. It amazes me that after 8 years and 50 trillion dollars, torture policies, probably more then 10000 young mens lives lost and probably over 100000 other civilians, a depression, poverty, unemployment, that people still do not get that you have been fxxx'd.
      Their are so many people that have profited from this fiasco that the Bush administration has created that it would probly make your toes curl up and drop off.
      Your childrens children will still be paying for the fiasco that you call our our levelheaded citenzenship has created by voting our last president into office for a second term.
      Obama has inherited a mess unfathomable to most normal people.
      You should be proud that you finally have a man that loves his country and his people with such great passion that it is hard even for me to comprehend. Bravo for his resolve and passion. I stand behind him 100% and so should you


  70. I believe President Obama's economic policies are good and sound. It requires time to work these policies out in order to see the result. I cannot believe how short-circuited many people are just as the US policies in the past that only focused on a short-term result. That is the reason why we are facing such a crisis today. The US need to learn to see things in a longer term. TMZ

  71. Very, Very Ugly!!!! Brent was partially right. "Doing nothing is not an option" but doing the right thing with regards to the mess we are in is apparently not an option either for Mr. Obama.

    Until he removes the Federal Reserve and it's clandestine owners, the clueless, self agransizing politicians and the lobbyists from the equation, the situation will only get worse.

    An article which partially explains the problems we face is at the following URL:

  72. UGLY.

    We're in this crisis due to too much credit expansion. Obama's solution: Get credit flowing again. Does that make sense?

    I am glad to see from these comments that Americans are waking up to the reality of what's really going on in this country, and across the globe for that matter.

    Printing unlimited ammounts of money will result in A WORTHLESS DOLLAR. Good luck stashing cash that will be worthless.

  73. Don't you understand that the Government always lies to us and others in the world to get their way. Wake up... it's gonna get worse. Your reps. support their goals, not the publics. No one is garding the chicken house. It's already UGLY.

  74. Ugly(Actually very scary!!!!). The President has nothing but hatred in his heart for America, and his policies will punish Americans.

    1. He is a member of the world order that's out to destroy the USA and the rest of the western world.

  75. Bad and ugly...Obama is just a crony for the George Soros socialists who are taking over our country and controlling our economy. So yes, horribly ugly and unbelievably bad, God help us !

  76. Obama has mad political payoffs for the unions his #1 priority. He has managed to use the economic meltdown as a means to accomplish this end. Many of the items in his original stumulus bill were political payoffs rather than based on sound economic principles. As a result, we have found ourselves needing even more stimulus packages. The extra debt we are taking on as a result of his failure to accurately address the problem, will be felt for generations to come. At some point it is going to become readdily apparent that we are headed for interest rates approaching if not exceeding the rates we encountered under the Jimmy Carter administration. Interest rates in excess of 23% for home financing, or auto financing were the norm back then. Add to that the hyper inflation we are going to see beginning next year. Gas prices easily exceeding $4.00 per gallon, oil prices climbing above $150 per barrel are coming. And you can expect to see these prices WITHOUT Obama's "Cap and Trade" proposal. If that passes you will see gasoline prices in excess of $6.00 per gallon. Electricity rates for home air conditioning will more than double. So will natural gas rates for home heating. The price of an average automobile will climb at least 50% due in part to Cap & Trade, and the remainder due to increased cost of steel, and other consumables used in the manufacturing process. Obama has used a classic "Bait & Switch" on the American people concerning his policy toward Clean Coal, offshore drilling, and nuclear energy. His campaign stance is substantially different from his emerging policies. In other words, HE LIED TO THE AMERICAN VOTER in order to get himself elected.

    Foreign policy is an even bigger mess. He ran on the promise of renegotiating several of the Free Trade agreements. Now he says he won't consider that approach. And he now supports a free trade agreement with Columbia. Flip Flops. In fact his entire foreign policy approach has been full of flip flops.

    He kills missile defense on the same day North Korea launches an ICBM capable of reaching the US. And his policies will certainly allow Iran to get an atomic bomb.

    He flip flopped on Abortion too.

    Looking on the brigher side, Obama will have the positive effect of replacing Jimmy Carter as America's worst president ever.


      1. That is only because a Republican with "half a brain" would think similarly to a Democrat with "no brain". I am a conservative "Independent". I personally don't know any Republicans that say he is doing a "good" job!!!!!

    2. Gerald, your comments are well-thought out and are true. Obama and his cohorts are taking advantage of the economic crisis to foist even more socialist programs on the American people. America doesn't need more socialism; we already have too much.

      What is needed is for Obama & Co. to put our currency back on the precious metal standard and phase out the Federal Reserve System including fractional banking. Replace our current IRS boondogle with the Fair Tax system. Put the brakes on printing money and nationalizing industries.

      Stay out of the morality wars such as abortion and same-sex marriage; these things can be worked out by society at large (besides, you can't legislate morality). That is not to say I am a proponent of these things; on the contrary, but I don't believe they belong in the hands of politicians.

      Creating government-paid jobs is self-defeating (can't everyone see the truth in that?). Reducing the size of government must be one of the top priorities; reducing government spending goes hand-in-hand.

      Let the free enterprize system work; let businesses fail and go bankrupt, the system will work it out regardless of the short-term consequences. Of course people will suffer, but they will find ways to rebound and survive. Stop mandating programs to States that cannot be funded, and stop bailing out States that have spent themselves into oblivion.

      Put our national priorities first as spelled out in the original Constitution; build up our military might; improve our public school system instead of simply throwing money at it; improve our national infra-structure; implement nuclear energy to replace our dependence on oil and gas.

      Eliminate the law that says children born here of illegal aliens are automatically citizens. Either win the illegal drug war OR declare drugs legal: stop the drain on our treasury on a war we cannot win, eliminate drug cartels and violence, and reap the tax rewards from those who use drugs.

      Either deport illegal aliens, or declare them citizens without the right to vote for at least 20 years. Stop spending money on useless walls and fences to close our borders; instead, build up the Border Patrol so they can be effective.

      Get our military out of the Middle East and end the wars. Give Iran and North Korea ultimatums, to cease nuclear arms-building immediately or face the consequences of being bombed out of existence. Give Israel an ultimatum to allow the existence of a Palistinian state or they can go it alone.

      The list of priorities goes on and on.

  77. Bad...has some good points, and some things that should probably be done differently.

  78. Good, Bad and Ugly
    Comments from a friendly neighbor. What did you expect from your president? Someone who would revolutionize the banking system overnight. First off, implementing some good will in parts of the world which truly needed some has had an effect on the price of gold (you know; maybe those oil producing countries aren't so bad after all) and the propensity to flee to safety. Perhaps in the next hundred days he will effect some equitable consequences for the bankers and executives who pay themselves great amounts of money to lose money. Are the Chinese communists really that "miserable" or do they just want their money back.

  79. Considering the mess he was left with and allowing for on the job learning , I am guardedly optimistic - haven't yet seen that he understand's the distinction between some wall st. crooks , a lot of crooked CEOS and the success of Democratic Economic Capitalism.

  80. Good. - My opinion : he's trying and little bit successful as well. At least far better than the previous one.

  81. UGLY! The Crash of 1920 had a recovery to the "roaring twenties" by 1922 because the then President of the USA did nothing to stimulate the economy allowing the natural course of events to mend the economy. The Crash of 1929 had a recovery that lasted a decade and the DOW lost 89% of its value because of government intervention. The current Presidential mentality has learned nothing from history and therfore will suffer us all to an extended resession/depression. But that's what they really want anyway?

  82. Ugly - Between the bankers and their lackeys in Congress, we already have been taken for a ride. Just keep printing more money and we had better learn how to speak Chinese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. UGGHHLLY!!!

    Lenin would have loved Obama. Obama and the Castro brothers will get along just fine.

  84. Ugghhlly!!!

    Lenin would have loved Obama. Obama and the Castro brohers will get along just fine.

  85. Good
    It is 80 plus years since the great depression and people are still bad mouthing Roosevelts' policies! Doing nothing is not an option!

  86. He is doing good in the actual situation
    I am giving him a GOOD almost an extraordinary score

  87. VERY Ugly. The debt and inflationary tsunami ahead will be felt for
    MANY generations to come.

  88. Bad. Mostly scary. Everything I know about economics and finance tells me that we are going to face a major consequence, at some point, for the shot-gun approach that our government is taking. Not to mention that "big brother" is going to take on a much larger role in our lives.

  89. This nation is headed down the road to ruin.socialism brings misery everywhere it is tried.SO NO GOOD ALL BAD AND UUUGGGGLY.

    1. BAD I agree with Susan! The damage President Obama is doing long term is going to be very bad! Government spending is outrageous! Over extension of Executive powers and the resultant damage to our constitutional way of government will cut deep. He is leading us to Socialsim, Secularism, and anti-individualism on a fast track!

  90. Ugly - Impact has a lag on action. Check out the price creep at the grocery store that is beginning to occur. I think we are going to get change as promised, but not the change we expected when we voted for him.

    1. Good! We can't ignore our problems any longer and got to start somewhere. I think it takes a lot of guts to think it can be pulled off but let's do it anyway. Doing nothing is unacceptable.

      1. I believe you are right. Obama will be great for America, but bad for traders. While I love my fellow traders, I believe that they think what's good for them is good for the country. Not so, obviously. People who watch business sites or trading sites are a certain kind of audience, one not known for tolerance and the exercize of solid critical thinking about their deepest personal values and any long term positive or negative outcomes of those values. About finance they know. In history, sociology, anthropology, literature and art they're zeroed out. Don't stop thinking the way you think just because our community isn't hip to the realities of life beyond the market. Keep telling others your opinion. At least that way they won't always get self-reinforcing claptrap returned to them. On the other hand, you won't get invited to many parties. Up to you.
        Steve Smith
        Charlotte NC

    2. Good, Obama's Plan will work, if given enough time. What choices did we have after a total mess we were in. I believe the I can attitude will win the day over. I feel better today with this President in office. Spending is exactly what we need to get this country going. Using words like socialsim, secularism, and anti-individualism, what garbage..... Change is coming get ready for it. For those who are unable to cope run for the hills and hide. Change is coming. Thank God For Obama.....

      1. Change is inevitable. Pres Obama was in the right place at the right time. Like a trader who recognizes a good entry point when the trend changes. A successful trader calculates how to reach a target by reading indications, a good leader will also be able to analyze the governmental indicators. So far his analysis seems to be effective. And his decisions are being accepted by the majority. It is more or less majority rule.
        Like on the trading floor, a balance between extremes of supply and demand is always striving for equilibrium, so with our government it appears there is this striving for balance between the conservative and liberal. The majority finds the balance. Like price determination in the market.
        Too far in one direction there is a correction.
        Evidently the entire creation is a binary system. Hot and cold, light and dark, good and bad, happy and sad, you and me, up and down, in and out and so on and so on.
        Fascinating dynamics don't you think?

    3. Good - setting broken bones is always painfull. Quit crying. Get smarter. Trade better. Great site. And don't forget to enjoy Life regardless of which way the wind is blowing. There are alot of really unpleasant places so take care and treat each other well.

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