Trader’s Blog Contest For May

“Looking back at President Obama's 100th Day in office... How would you describe his economic policies - Good, Bad, or Ugly?”

Just answer… Good, Bad, or Ugly (specific opinions optional) to be entered in a drawing for the prize below.


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Comment on this post telling us if you would describe the economic policies implemented by Obama as Good, Bad or Ugly. Just write GOOD, BAD, or UGLY, but feel free to voice your opinion… just keep it clean and remember that there is only one entry per person.


1. This contest is open until 11:59 PM (PST) on May 31st, 2009.

2. No wrong answers, any participation counts as an entry.

3. One entry per email address.

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5. Winner will be contacted on Monday June 1st, 2009 via email.

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350 thoughts on “Trader’s Blog Contest For May

  1. UUgly! A combination of Fasism and Communism will not lead us out of this mess. What is the value of a corporate bond or even a government bond if Obama can dictate that contracts only value is to start the fire. You cannot spend your way to prosperity nor borrow your way to solvency.
    Peter Schumacher

  2. UUGly! Combining Communism and Fasism in one political philosophy is remarkable. Getting the public to love you for it is scary. would you invest in a corporate bond after this latest stunt. How about a gov't. bond. Does contract law mean anything anymore. When Gm starts importing Yugos made in China, maybe we will wake up.
    Peter Schumacher

  3. Bad...
    A populist, 'celebrity' president has blinded many by feel-good rhetoric.
    Interference with the free market(yes, the free market caused this mess too...but the markets always correct itself, governing makes it worse), increasing regulation, and deflation at first, then inflation, will stifle us.
    It is apparent to me that our politicians, both the executive and legislative branches, don't really know what to do and are grasping at desperate measures. Keep fear under control first, worry about the rest later. I suspect a division will start to occur in the House and Senate over policies, further complicating matters.
    To let the 'too big too fail' companies (no such thing) survive instead of crashing and burning, has only prolonged the wound. Instead we are rewarding bad behavior by throwing money at it that we don't have.
    Though I don't fear economic collapse or a worthless dollar, we will suffer on a social, economic and global level. And even though many countries, including China, still hold countless US dollars, the world needs us less. China fears for the value of all its dollar backed assets and has called for a new reserve currency, and is already doing business with Brazil in the Real, not US dollar. Whether this is a trend or not remains to be seen. It has been said that the forecasted decoupling has not occurred, yet I feel it is already in progress and just a matter of time. We can no longer think on just the national level; it is imperative to our survival. This country has had such a huge global momentum these past 100 years it can't just stop in its tracks, so we're not going to go away overnight. But our future is being shaped right NOW. The Chinese proverb 'may you live in interesting times' appears to be incredibly ironic right now.
    By the way, how many actually write or send emails to your elected officials to let your voice be heard? How many even know who their elected Federal and State reps are? You say it won't do any good? Then we get what we deserve. Talk is cheap. The price of ignorance is expensive. Even Clint Eastwood wouldn't want to star in this 'Good, Bad, and Ugly'!

  4. An answer to the question ? Not so easy ! Also his job is not easy and besides that too many interests involved. The politicians are always
    the same, and they just protect the big lobbies. I'm sure He has good intention, but it's not enough to do the job.

  5. What do you think of SDS Ultra Shorts ? If Adam is right about the S and P going to 500, is this a safe way to play it??

  6. Good
    Seem to be working so far.
    Time will tell.
    Looks like the way this government works is much like the action in the market place. Too much supply eventually becomes exhausted and then there is too much demand. Swinging between two extremes.
    In the government: too conservative the swing is back to liberal. When that goes too far back towards conservative again. Always striving for equilibrium. Fascinating dynamics.
    A successful leader would be like a successful trader. Know the dynamics and reach the desired goal.
    Looks like Bush and the Republicans got stopped out this time around....

  7. I see he talks too much, and I don`t see much done, but really I don`t consider he is so bad. So far I have to say good, because I`m not allowed to say regular

  8. Good intentions -bad results!! Same old power players with people like Geithner, etc

  9. UGLY - Those that voted for him wanted "change", well you are going to get it all right, but I don't think it's what you expected. I don't agree that doing something was better than nothing - doing nothing in this case would have been allowing the natural forces of free enterprise takes its built in self correcting course. yes that might have resulted in a near collapse, but we have historical experience that it is a self correcting system when left alone. We have no experience of injecting this much capital into the system that wasn't generated by the system will do. Look at what is being done with the failout funds so far...being pushed into postions on the P&L to make it look like the companies(Banks) are recovering,not taking care of the underlying worthless assets. Fannie Mae is out there offering 105% LTV residential loans again...did we learn nothing??. How the heck is all this debt going to be repaid...I don't think you could raise taxes enough..disgsuting!

  10. Ugly, He's only trying to be a "President of Firsts"! I wonder if he even has a total plan for us--citizens who are sworn to defend him without any rhyme or reason?

  11. Excellent. He is a Great person and should have recruited best of brains for this decision

  12. Ugly for poor people. Barry O continued the immoral bailouts of rich bankers and insurance moguls with borrowed money. He poored billions of borrowed dollars into the now nationalized GM. He violated the Constitutional prohibition against the federal govt. changing contract law. He signed the stimulous package that borrows 3/4 of a trillion dollars. His 2 trillion per year deficits insure that the US dollar will be inflated into oblivion. Now he wants to raise taxes and possible implement a national VAT. Ironically, the people hurt the most by regressive carbon taxes, VATs and by inflation are the poor. But, the initial effects of the inflationary Tsunami are higher asset prices, so we traders will do well.

  13. Good --- What would you rather have him do , nothing , that might be even more dangerous . Are we in tough times , you bet we are my wife just lost her job but thanks to the president's plans at least she can keep afffordable health insurance.Pesident Obama didn't get us into the mess we are in . All I can say is many so called experts all have different ideas which will or would work , who knows I sure don't.

  14. UGLY

    He speaks out of both sides of his mouth and does not live the life he is asking us to live.

    Worse, his spending within the first 100 days of office has doomed us for many generations.

    The Republicans blew it by failing to choose a stronger leader and by refusing to listen to their base on important issues.

    Capitalism works when you allow it to play out both its strengths and weaknesses.

  15. We are borrowing from China to run the Federal government. We are paying the OPEC for our energy needs. WE have not done anything with Cap and trade. We have thrown good money after bad money business (AIG, GM, C, etc.). The damage President Obama is doing long term is going to be very bad! Government spending is out of control. Over extension of Executive powers and the resultant damage to our constitutional way of government will cut deep. Declining Dollar at all time lows tells you everything.

  16. BAD....I see the strings making the puppet (Obama) move. Don't know that a REPUB could have pulled out a rabbitt any better but poor choice of administrators watching over our home. And now our inefficient government wants to take over a transportation manufacturer!? Why can't Billy and Warren bail out GM?...they both see it as a poor investment, this gets down to poor management in total....what if the nearly 300,000 EMPLOYEES buy it? If 40 billion is needed, they only have to cough up: rounded $130-135,000 each. THEN...I'm sure they would watch their bottom line carefully. OH....but this is Obama we're talking about. Don't get me going on him!

  17. I se the president as a man taking over an ugly situation full of bad news and trying to do as much good as possible with the help of some questionable people around him making it impossible..

  18. I've been reading the comments, and articles written by knowledgeable people in the financial world. The only conclusion to be drawn is that there are too many people wearing rose-colored glasses, or blinders, shading them from the ugly truth facing America - and the world.

    The conclusions drawn start with our socialist-controlled government refusing to allow capitalism to work out the economic problems on its own. This is causing us to go bankrupt. Inflation, or hyperinflation, will be the result; even worse, it is possible that we will experience deflation. The cure is worse than the disease; it would be far better to allow the capitalist system to work it out than to shoot it full of worthless drugs that will only worsen the suffering and prolong the agony.

    As the U.S. economy sinks, the global economy will do likewise. This is because other nations depend heavily on trade with the U.S., and also because many nations have adopted the fiat currency and fractional banking methods that are lethal to America’s financial health. Our Federal Reserve system is going bust. Our Treasury is playing 'Rob Peter to Pay Paul' games that are flooding the country and the world with monopoly money, and debasing the U.S. dollar.

    Foreign governments holding our IOUs are raving mad and are dumping them as fast as they can, and are refusing to take on any more of our debt in favor of buying up as much gold as possible. Nations, such as China and Brazil, are getting serious about replacing the USD with their own currency. The U.S. is no longer the industrial giant in the world; it has morphed into a consumer-oriented and service economy. It is slashing its military capabilities while its military adventures continue to demand a bigger slice of the national budget. The Border Patrol and intelligence agencies budgets are being trimmed. The ‘war on drugs’ is draining our treasury, as is the burden of servicing the national debt.

    As our nation goes bankrupt, our government continues its wasteful bailout and stimulus spending programs. It passes mandates without planning ahead, such as closing Guantanamo. It continues its dance of death with the Federal Reserve. It has no viable solution to the nuclear threats of our enemies, Iran and North Korea, and is pleading for negotiations. Dealing from weakness is a sure sign of disaster.

    To put it simply: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And the U.S. is failing. Nature abhors a vacuum, and as America deflates, other opportunistic nations such as China and Russia will rush to fill the void. We are relegating ourselves to the status of a paper tiger with a stockpile of nuclear weapons that hang like an albatross about our neck.

  19. good, but time well tell.

    p.s. i would really love to win marketclub for 1 month. it would be a great way to try it without investing. we already loss money with another company. we feel we were taken.

  20. GOOD! I always teach my students that we have to do what we NEED to do before we can do what we WANT to do. Being responsible is seldom fun and NEVER approved by the masses, but those who understand that the process of change, in any arena, involves a period of "rejection", known as the "resistance" period, also understand that the harder road takes longer to travel. Even the concept of a "100 Day evaluation" of a president is flawed. I see a comparison similar to baking a cake. While observing it through the glass is always a good idea, pulling it out and dissecting it doesn't lend positively to the final objective. Change of any type is a process that takes time. The economy always overreacts quickly to bad news, but always takes longer to react to positive influences. Our President himself has said that this will take time. Things will improve and the naysayers once again will be silenced by the facts that will reveal themselves during this process.

  21. GOOD
    Time to realize that where we are today is the result of what we have been doing all these years. IT DID NOT HAPPEN IN ONE DAY.
    And if we keep doing waht we have been doing all these years we will onle reap what we have been reaping.
    Bitter decisions are always resented by the majority. But that is the only way forward.

  22. This Fed Gov is swalling everything in it's path.
    Ugly!! Buy gold and TBT! Here is the Change Obama was selling: A lower standard of living! Will we wake up in time or wonder in the wilderness for 40 years?

  23. Bad to ugly and very inflationary in a couple of years.

    I wish I could print up some money to pay my morgage and get that new hummer. It is time for REAL CHANGE in Washington. Not elephants and asses but real people.

  24. UGLY - risky at best. Tidal wave inflation coming. We need a trustworthy commission to tell us how we got into this mess, what needs to change, and who is to blame...and then a President with the courage to make radical changes.

  25. Bad and Ugly!

    What Obama has done in his first six months is continue with the failed policies of the Bush presidency. Of course, we have seen some change. Instead of $500 billion dollar a year deficits under Bush, we have $1.5 trillion dollar a year deficits. Not exactly the "change" this country needs.

    The root cause of the economic and financial crisis is massive credit expansion and massive debt levels. The government's solution is additional credit expansion and additional debt accumulation. Only governments and central bankers seem to believe that it is possible to borrow and consume your way to prosperity.

    The US is bankrupt. We have no hope of ever paying back the $50+ trillion we owe ourselves and the rest of the world. The government refuses to make any meaningful cuts in spending. Any rise in taxes, which are not accompanied by massive budget cuts will do nothing to reduce the debt level of the country. The only other options we have are to 1) default on the debt or 2)debase the currency and pay our creditors with ever worthless dollars. The US is clearing choosing option 2.

    Got gold?

  26. Good. (and Ugly) The government explores the uncharted archepelego of government subsidized supercorporattions, with the same constitutional rights as actual persons. Theyv'e gone crazy. Now the inmates run the state mental hospital. One of their own took charge for the past eight years. He was fired. The new director, trapped in his office, is doing what he can to keep the patients alive.


    Obama is an over-educated idiot who, along with his socialist cohorts in government, and the rich supporters like Soros behind the throne, are taking advantage of the economic crisis to wreck this country and install as much socialism is possible before the majority of Americans wake up from their honeymoon with him and smell the coffee.

    America is going down a road it never traveled before; it is a road smoothed by flowery promises and flowery emotion-filled oratory by snake-oil artists like Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, Shumer, Frank, Dodd, ad nauseum. It is a road bereft of the God of Abraham and one that leads to perdition.

  28. UGLY for the common man. Obama appealed to the middle class leading tham to believe that he was going to fight for their best interest. Once in the office however he ended up placing the greedy financial interests ahead of the people that lifted him into the pincle of success. Obama than immediately placed people that were heavily vested in the continued preservation of these same institutions, in charge of the bail out. The government has poured the money earned by the middle class (the foundation of our country) directly into the pockets of the same money worshipers that created the crisis in the first place.
    The middle class continues to loose their financial base through the pressure created by those same institutions. Instead of equalizing the values and extending the terms of the mortgages, with lowered payments, the same money handlers chose to abandon the middle class by seizing their homes through forced forclosure instead of investing the TARP funds into a program that would underpin the true foundation of our country, the hard working people that are the heart and soul of our success!

  29. Bad, by all means! His economic policies will drive to high inflation not seen since Jimmy Carter days in the White House. Oh, yes, he was too a Democrate.

  30. Good- President Obama is the best thing to happen to America for a generation. No human has the power to change the course of the US instantly.

    Adam- what is the outlook for the British Pound v Euro this year?

  31. Preeeetty ugly.
    Ineffective and unstaffed Treasury Dept run by an ineffective Sec'y (sorry I didn't pay those taxes--guess I just plumb forgot).
    Out of control earmarks. Naive and unproductive foreign policy that will endanger us (don't worry-I'll just apologize and let them know I'm a good guy).
    Out of control and uncontrolled spending.
    Other than that he's doing fine.

  32. "The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY"

    OBAMA is a charming, charismatic, SOCIO-PATH and a willing puppet to destroy our American lives as we and our forefathers have known.

    In the last few months, I have had my financial stocks taken, and my dividends stolen by this 'NEW' BAND of MERRY THIEVES.

    The outrage is we pay-back to OBAMA'S PUPPETEERS and the "NEW GUY" calls it a necessary economic BAIL-OUT.

    The shame is on OBAMA and his BAND of ruthless THIEVES.

    In the meantime, TAKE the HIGH ROAD, hunker down, pay your bills, and keep smiling ---

    These four years will pass. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  33. UGLY...very ugly! It's even worse than doing nothing. We should be shrinking government and our President is growing it at an alarming rate. He is usurping power without the knowledge or ability to handle it. If these policies don't bankrupt the U.S., they certainly will and have severely damaged it. The very foundations of the best nation in the history of the world are actively being undermined! May God bring us a rapid and healthy CHANGE.

  34. the ugly even the ugliest 😉

    creating false hopes just stay for a while. we will rebound but not now.


  35. UGLY.

    This nonsensical leftist policy are a slow drift towards communism; yes, communism, not socialism. A prime tenet of a capitalist economy is to let inefficient risk takers fail, to be replaced by prudent risk takers. In this inane nonsense of not letting anyone fail (unless, of course, they are rivals of Goldman Sachs), we are now left with inefficiencies into our economy; in the form of zombie banks and car companies controlled by unions that have no concept of cost efficiencies. And that is just the start !

    The lessons of history are plain for all that wish to see them to see. No country that has tried this nonsense of bailing out failing companies has ever succeeded, much less so when they are also actively encouraging spending as a way to prosperity.

    Just look at the Weimar Republic, Argentina (1975 - 1992), Brazil (1986 - 1994) and Japan today, for that last 18 years. Then take a nice long look at Zimbabwe. That should tell you where we are headed with this communist nonsense.

    It took the Soviet Union and China a little less that a century to see the folly of government hegemony. It is shocking that after they abandoned it after proving its deficiency, we now have a governement that chooses to go down the self same failed road. I never thought that I would see the day that China would be more capitalist that the United Socialist States of America.

    And just as a parting shot, will someone please tell when was any time that a president of a country came on TV to personally announce the bankruptcy of a PRIVATE company, and then try to demonize the creditors who insist on using the laws of the land to resolve that bankruptcy. This from someone who used to teach Constitutional Law in a university. A crying shame; that is what it is.

  36. Ugly and Bad, Obama is recycling most of the Bush administration policies.

  37. Bad!

    Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word: equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.

    ~ Alexis de Tocqueville (1848)

  38. UGLY - it's clear that his goal is a fundamental restructuring (read that: destruction) of the economic system that made ours the most successful economic system in history. His reading of socialist history is, at best, severely clouded.

  39. Good. The 'Joe the Plummer' mentality takes into account about 2% of what's really out there. Warren Buffet says two thumbs up. No more tax breaks for the wealthy. That didn't work. Regonomics was what got us here. Time for grassroots economic stimulus.

  40. Good, if your ok with a Japan length recession. Bad, if your lookin for work. Ugly,if you believe the Fed is attempting to borrow its way out of a credit collapse!

  41. GOOD! Well we have gone from BAD to UGLY, so what is left ;0)

    Claus from Denmark

  42. I agree that obama came in to a mess, but has everone forgot about 911. Every President has some ordeal to contend with but does he have the experance to deal with it!!!!!!! To me he does't he came out of know where, but thats what you all voted for so here we are. UGLY

  43. Ugly. Another choice should have been devastating. He is surrounded by fools who will ruin his presidency if he does not change course. He has never met a payroll or any business background that would be helpful and does not seem to be able to take good advice when given. As long as Goebbels is chief of staff, he will fail. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

  44. ABOMINABLE! The man is an economic illiterate and has no idea of what will work to turn the economy around. Evidence his statement yesterday 5-15 that we can not continue to borrow money on the scale we are doing now. Huh? He is pursuing policies of his advisors that essentially have not worked in the past and through the Fed is creating a scenario that will make the dollar less valuable, create rampant inflation that will only be controlled by higher interest rates which in turn will keep the economy sluggish for too many years, thus an extended recession with the possibility of a real depression.

  45. Very Ugly. He is intent on repaying the unions and Acorn. The policies he is following are a result of his long indoctrination under Ayers and Wright. I believe many Democrats will begin to realize the danger he represents and will peel support away from him. I sincerely hope so. The pain he is causing is a slow pain. Many of his ardent followers do not,and never have, paid taxes or taken personal responsibility for their destinies. People with great assets have the ability to take their money and move it to other, more capitalistic thinking, countries. They will do so. Jim Rogers already has. It's hard for me to admit this, but China is presently more capitalistic in their thinking then the USA. Think of it. Forward growth in this country depends not on the Government giving out more jobs, it is the Government making it possible for small businesses to start, grow and create jobs. In other words competition will grow our economy, The idea that by coming up with a better idea and making money from it, is what has made our country great. This is still the best country in the world. Please don't let 4-8 year presidents like Obama and Carter ruin it.

  46. UGLY!... The actions in the first 100 days of the President's leadership are ignoring the sky rocketing fiscal deficits at every level of government, Federal State and local, and thus leading the Congress into an entire generation of "Deficits don't matter" actions which have already had and will in the future continue to result in, a highly volatile financial market environment in the USA and thus worldwide, which in turn will destroy the incentives for longterm investing globally and continue to result in the inevitable repeated "Boom Bust" of global financial markets..welcome to the world of continued double digit market volatility...hardly an environment for longterm financial planning by anyone!

  47. UGLY !! This pack of naive fools are mortgaging the futures of generations to come.


  49. Good as compared to the last eight years. At least he's doing something to try to help individual Americans instead of giving it all away to big business and the financial sector.

  50. UGLY! Anyone who thinks that these "policies" that are being forced upon us aren't going to have permanent negative effects on our liberties and a major inflationary effect on the dollar really has no grasp of how our money system works.

  51. Good! and what happened to One Nation under God? We should be backing up our Cammander in Chief instead of dividing the U.S. Obama has to do something to clean the mess we were left with. He wasn't my first pick for president however he is the president and we need to back him and the U.S up not down. Let's become the United States again! And get over it, he's the president!

  52. G,B|U? None of the above. Cautious is the word. Obama is cautiously undoing the obvious errors Bush made. He's cautiously handling the banking / credit crisis. He's cautiously working out the Iraq situation. He's cautiously beginning to enact his own agenda. He's cautiously filling what will eventually be a monsterous presidential persona. He's cautiously becoming a great leader.

  53. What"s so ugly whit him?I don"t in the states. I never had a
    meeting whit him. And in the Government he"s not alone. You think
    so as a farmer!

  54. UGLY. The actions appear (to the unknowing),to be a quick fix. I feel for our young children and the future generations that will carry the tax burden.

  55. Ugly. The damage Obama administration is causing will have long term consequences to the country and may be very hard to fix. The administration does not have any concept of how much they can spend, without getting us all in a great deal of trouble.

  56. The damage Obama administration is causing will have long term consequences fo the country and may be hard to fix. The administration does not have any concept of how much they can spend without getting us all in a great deal of trouble.

  57. Bad,and will get ugly. I dread to see what two years with this Congress and President will leave for the future generation's.

  58. I would like to say he is trying too much with too little capitals. The structural change he brought to the financial system remained to be see--the health care industry and defense industry-- is painful yet necessary.
    What I don't relish is the tax policy and witch hunting of the wall street. Is the banking system to be blame when some of its creditor simply refused to pay the mortgage. There are strong moral hazard in the industry in which both sides are the sinners. Right now, the administrations would like
    1. To poll bad comsumer with the good one;
    2. hide dirty laundry ( stress test) from the public as long as possible.

  59. I see it as Ugly but this is only because it takes time to see changes especially in the economy which was the main issue I feel he had to deal with.

  60. UGLY Considering the amount of damage to our economy and personal liberty that they have caused in less than 100 days, one would have to wonder what disasters await for the rest of his TERM. That's right, TERM not terms, he will be a one-term president; even the people who voted for him the first time will see the light the second time.

  61. Ugly now and there is enough under the table that it will only get UGLY - UGLY - UGLY later

  62. Good.
    Recieveing a economy in ashes is not an easy thing to deal with.
    Still he is doing his best to help economy to recover.

  63. I just think his policies are not really getting at the root of the problems, housing!

  64. Ugly
    These policies are spending way too much money which the US Government does not have in it's coffers to use. The result will be a massive national debt and increased inflation as the government will have to borrow more to cover the costs of these bailouts. The massive spending is even more pronounced than that of FDR, and his spending did not work. These policies will take decades to overcome, if they can ever be overcome (a scary thought).
    Also, the government is not very good at running anything (except the military - and that is the result of the incredible talent in the US military - when civilians try to change it it always screws it up - think McNamara) so what makes them think they can run the banks, insurance giant AIG, the auto companies, and in the future health care. Are these politicians really that arrogant to think that they are more qualified to run these industries than the professionals with years of experince - I think they are and God help us.

  65. It is in fact excellent !

    The only option we have is to act, and not sit around and wait for the market to correct all the problems we have. We have seen what that did for us. We all need to be a little patient to see the results before jumping to conclusion, he just got started 3 months ago and everyone sounds like they are the experts to criticize. Just hold your horses, and be helpful instead.

  66. have you noticed, he can not make a sentence without referring to himself. count the times he says "I" in every one. He rarely uses the word "you". he is constantly forcefully, mentioning his self or his name. He is on every TV station daily, and has geo-pet ads and his commercials, speeches, his dog, his children. the news is always about him and what he is doing for "US" He is still attacking Bush for the problem, and wants investagations on the former administration and mistakes etc. That is to take the focus on himself, he has broken every his "promises" and ends up following Bushes policy which screwed up the country, only he does it bigger. Spends more money than Bush, race baits, class warfare--rich vs. poor. bad mouths corporations and their CEOs, board of directors, management is always wrong, fires management if possible. Shut down two auto makers. screwed share and bond holders. He is anti bussness and disscribed as a gangster, and hires gangsters to work for "HIM". this is all big brother, or a dictator. "HIs way" or the highway. THE BIG LIE--the DOW was $13,000 the day before his locking up the nomination in the first week of JUNE 2008, the day after it crashed, investors started to pull out their money and it is worth half now, he created the crash, and blamed bush, He has managed to get about half of your pension, spend this country"s treasury for years to come, wants more tax dollars and is punishing employers. the auto, banks, and small business can not get credit to stay in business anymore, employment is at depression levels and falling every day he is in office---HE is the problem. and he blames the past president-------but he has made it worse in his first 100 days! he is responsible for the continuing financial meltdown and even tells you it will get worse. AND it will !

    1. Amen! If he wants to investigate people, he should start with the people that are responsible! Himself; Barney Franks, and all of the corrupt politicians that created the subprime mess with their payoffs and scheming under the table in the Fannie Mae affair. I wonder if he would be interested in "investigating" ACORN for voter fraud? This is a classical political mantra of "blame your predecesor for all the problems". Pay attention to the assault on gun owners' rights. A corrupt government always fears an armed populace. These rights were specifically put in the constitution to protect us from an unjust government. I know I will get the race card thrown at me for this one, but ask yourself this question: Would his qualifications gotten him the presidency if he were white? Would ACORN have helped him if he were white? Racism is Racism no matter what color you may be!

  67. good if you like socialism, bad if you like free markets, ugly if you don't like future inflation and high taxes

  68. Bad, so far. Many who voted for him for political reasons are already regretting it. I say "political reasons" because I think Obama won with the landslide he did, was because of a bunch women who had the hots for him and he looked so much better physically than McCain. I know it is a sick reason but I believe in calling it as I see it even if I might be wrong. But if I thought I was wrong, I wouldn't be saying it in the first place. Then, too, it didn't help that McCain seemed to give up long before election day.

  69. I couldn't agree more with Gerald. He is worst than Carter or Johnson as our worst president. I don't say that because he is black, a democrat, Muslim, or whaterver. (He didn't attend any National Day of Prayer ceremonies on 5/8) I say that because his economic policies STINK ! Any forward person with any common sense knows that government CANNOT grow the economy. It MUST come from the private sector. You do not solve the problem by throwing money (we don't have) at it. I guarantee you that if we had done the following we would be out of this situation by the end of summer. Cut the HUGE corporate tax rate to 10% for 15-18 months. Cut the personal tax rate for ALL tax payers to 10% for 15-18 months. You think the "idle rich" wouldn't put that money to work. You think Warren Buffett wouldn't spend and get this economy growing again? Not to mention it would be one heck of a lot CHEAPER than what Obama is doing by spending trillion of dollars. He will be in serious trouble by the end of the year as the economy continues to worsen and the stock market goes into the tank.

  70. Obama is merrily following the lead of the Bush administration, printing money that is being swallowed up by corrupt politicians and banks.
    Geithner cannot correct the problem because he is part of the problem and he cannot go against the policies he put in place while at the New York fed which contributed to the mess we are in.
    Watch the market gains of the past few weeks get wiped out as people realize that the companies have no profits and the emperor has no clothes. Hopefully MarketClub can help navigate us through the mess.
    I say UGLY.

  71. We cannot run our household on red ink, can't run a company on red ink, why do politicians think we can run America on red ink. These are truly bad policies. America is a wonderful country, we have the right to succed and we should have the right to fail. This bail out garbage is just that GARBAGE. These policies are truly BAD news for America.

  72. good! he is on the right track & i think he will deliver. you can’t reform a broken economy in just days! give him time….

  73. UGLY! Many people responded by saying "We had to do something". IMHO that position is wrong. An ex-president, I can't remember who, said "The business of America is business". Failing industries should be left as shark food. The federal gov't has no business in business except to regulate and that should be kept to a minimum. Instead we see the gov't attempting to fix broken business models and to make matters worse hiring the same people who failed miserably in the private sector to oversee the federal monetary system.

  74. ugly---the stock market was !3,000 before he was nominated in the first week of june 2008. The big lie is he inherited the crash, draw a 200 day moving average back to june 2008, and you will see the market dumped out the first day after he locked up the nomination , june 3rd, as i recall. The "MESSIAH" CAUSED THE MARKET TO DROP, HE and his followers LIE.

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