56 thoughts on “BUY ALERT: Gold 961.20 basis spot

  1. I first want to say that I am very impressed and enjoy marketclub...for what it offers and what it does. Thank You

    Now, being a new subscriber, I was wondering about the alerts...am I wrong in saying that "I" won't necessarily get "that arrow price" if I enter the market...because the alert and my ability to enter that market is after the fact?...second question, in the video on the CRB index...Adam shows index going down with red monthly arrow...then gets a green...he says you exit your shorts there but DON'T go long...and then about 3 more arrows green then he says you go long on this one...I didn't catch how I'd know not to go long on the FIRST green arrow, when he said to just cover your short position?

    Also, on my TNT charting system I have the CRB Index and the CRB CCI index that I can chart...which one of those is the Futures trading symbol...what is the difference in those two? I also noticed when I chart them the price movement tends to be more of a blip...not much trading range?
    Thanks for all your help
    and always quick responses...I just can't say enough about the service thus far...

    Lonn Olson

    1. Lonn,

      Thank you for your positive feedback on market club.

      The video that we did on CRB index uses the monthly trade triangles for the big trend, and the weekly triangles for timing. One of the best ways to look at this one is just to click on the monthly triangles as they will easily show up on the chart.

      After that click on the weekly triangle and they will pop in and you'll see what we mean by filtering your trades. For example if the monthly trend is down and we have a green weekly triangle it will simply mean that we will be out of the market and we would not take the signal.

      If the monthly triangle is green, meaning the trend is positive we'll only take the green triangles on the weekly charts as buy points.

      I'm not sure I can comment on the T.N.T. charting system that you're using but my guess is it is the CRB index. Ask your broker about futures contracts on this index.

      All the best,

  2. When I analyze the triangles of market club it looks at the MACD crossovers a lot. I tried to put the triangles myself on several charts just looking at the crossovers (signal line) and the 0 line and could place 90% of the triangles. I missed one because the lines were a bit to close to see what was going on.

    So the system missed the inverse head and shoulders that was building. A left shoulder and head was already in place.

    Maybe you can also incorporate this in your system, to spot patterns. And warn users that a possible pattern is building. Because this signal could have been better.

  3. Well, ya, it is wacky. Adam's system is a tool. It is just one indicator out of many that may or may not work for you. It is not for me but I respect Adam's views and I do use his comments and site as a tool for my trading. I've been on the sell side since June 7th. I can see how his system gave him the indicator that day, gold was slowly running up for 2 days, etc. But again, his system doesn't look at the market participation, or other markets that affect gold. It was obvious how the market was reacting. If you've watched this market for 15 years like me you get a feel and it was feeling a little sick. But that's the human factor, you either are inexperienced and use strictly mechanical indicators like Adam's and use a very controlled entry and stop out system, or you have years of experience and are able to have a number of indicators that you have had success with over the years that formulate an opinion. It's one or the two in my opinion.

    I don't know how many people I have talked to saying that gold is going to the moon. I am a contrarian and have made lots of money that way. For whatever reason (there are many in my indicators), US Dollar is going up, and gold is going down in my opinion for the next few months.

    But... that's just wacky too some would say 🙂
    As long as I make money from people who don't necessarily know what they are doing.

  4. That alert to buy gold was just wacky, i stood on the sidelines on this one, I did not think it was a right call to buy it at that price.

    1. Hi Raquel,

      That may have been so but with any trading system, You have to take all signals otherwise your trading on emotion and not according to plan 🙂

      1. Emotions are great...

        "But are not this struggle and even the mistakes one may make better, and do they not develop us more, than if we kept systematically away from emotions? ~Vincent Van Gogh"

        Basically we have them, but must learn them and know what our buttons are. But I agree, it is a system, no emotions required. Just elation or degection... no emotion there 🙂

  5. Sir
    50 day Ema well supported today's fall & attempt several times to broke but not succed as well as intermidiate pivot $940 well resisted .
    So, pl, give some light on it & share your experience in which diretion mkt will go ultimately in the very short term . Your prediction will be highly appreciated.


    1. Pransanta,

      Based on our trade triangle technology we believe that gold is in a trading range based on a +55% reading as of 6/16.

      You may also want to take a look at my new gold video which was posted on 6/16.

      All the best,

  6. Ryan,

    At the moment we are on the sidelines in gold having been stopped out for loss on a long position. The market action on Friday was negative and unless there is a sharp rally before the close, gold is going to close lower for the week.

    I believe the damage that has been done to the market is going to take some time to repair.

    All the best,

  7. I'm still in a large miner position, with the drop in gold prices today, do you think we're going to be seeing a lot more downside or will there be a rebound and the buy gold signal is still valid?

  8. Thanks for your advice, just now i have squired of my losing trade with good $20 loss. Pl, give me the sl level whenever trade traingle gives signal for minimise loss losing trade. Also, give the statics of trade traingle signal.


    1. Prasanta,

      We also took a similar loss in gold.

      As we come to the end of the second quarter we will be publishing our trading results for gold. We have been doing this for six or seven quarters now and it is always interesting to see how the markets do.

      As always we stress diversification, money management and of course our trade triangle technology.

      All the best,

  9. Prasanta,

    We were stopped out for a loss this morning.

    I am not a advocate or a big fan of averaging down in a losing trade.

    We are on the sidelines for now.


  10. As per your trade traingle signal confirmation you have advised to buy gold but now gold is traded below well under key support $940 .So, at this juntucre is it will fruitful to average to earlier bought $962 for very short term.

    Pl, give advice


  11. Linda,

    Welcome to marketClub.

    We consider gold to be in an uptrend based on our Trade Triangle technology. The fact that gold prices are below our original buy point does not negate the recent buy signal.

    All the best,


  12. I am new member and don'tknow how to use long gold alert to trade."buy alert basis spot Gold $961.20" is mean buy stop at $961.20 as in that time the price is below 961.20?The price today was go up 961.20 and down,can I buy? Thank you so much,I will spend more time to learn ow to use The MarketClub Trade Triange technology.

  13. Hi Adam,

    After following a few of your videos for over a year now i am more than impressed. I'm still not sure how they first turned up but glad they did.

    I am trading in Australia , mainly Gold , and some Forex pairs.
    Just wondering if the trade the triangles and the live trading charts are available and suitable for trading wherever you are based , as long as you have an internet connection .
    Is it Web based or Software.
    I realise you are trialling Safari , but will Market Club application run on MAC
    Are the signals given at end of day ready , for setting up trade for next or are they set up live . I gather i could find myself missing some of your alerts and signals due to time difference.

    Thanks , Paul

    1. Paul,


      Thank you for your feedback and it's nice to hear from our friends down under. Well, the good news is Paul our software is web based and runs on any machine or OS system. I am personally running on Mac using both Safari and Mozilla browsers, both of which worked extremely well.

      The MarketClub Trade Triangle technology is dynamic and signals occur in real time in Forex and Precious metals. In equities in the US we have a exchange delay of 15 minutes.

      You can also set up alerts that can help while you're sleeping and the US markets are open. I understand the time difference as my daughter lives in New Zealand.

      All the best,


  14. Dear Adam,

    followed signal at 958, but stopped out at 948. How far from the price should be SL?


    1. Lumir,

      Personally I like to use the triangles as my entry points and exit points. Over the years I have found this to be both rewarding and sometimes frustrating. Overall I would not change my approach to the market. We narrowly missed getting stopped out this morning . The rally we've seen back over $960 is encouraging and shows how much support this market has in the high $940s.

      All the best,

  15. Ross,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    As you may know we are not brokers and do not manage money although we have been ask to on many occasions.

    You need to have a brokerage account that handles both equities and futures. Trading futures entails more leverage. You can easily de-leaverage futures by putting up more margin.

    I hope this answers your question.


  16. I'm new to trading oil and gold though I've been trading stocks for years. How to you buy/sell your recommendation on gold and/or oil?

    Thank You

  17. Young,

    The Trade Triangles are not end of day, they are dynamic. At the moment our equity quotes are exchange delayed. We will soon be having realtime for all our equities.

    We do have realtime for all forex and gold markets.



  18. Thanks for the alert.

    Just out of curiousity, when you join marketclub, are the trade triangle alerts done in real time or is it at the end of the day?

    For that matter, are the charts we would look at as the marketclub member realtime?

    Thanks again for the alert and educational videos.

  19. JC,

    Thank you for contributing to this blog.

    The Trade Triangles come in when the odds look to be in our favor. Having said that not every Trade Triangle signal is a winner. That is why we stress diversification.

    We lost in gold today and made that up and then some in Crude Oil.

    I prefer gold over silver. That is more a personal choice than a scientific one.

    All the best,

  20. Hi Adam,
    Thanks for the alert. I have been waiting for the right timing to jump into gold and silver and have kept an eye on the recent changes. I am not an expert, but from the chart I don't really see why we got daily trade triangle this time. (Usually, trade triangles pop up when things look good/reasonable.) Could you "interpret" for me what is a rationale for the triangle this time??
    BTW, also, if I may, what would be a good ratio of gold vs silver these days in our portfolio?? Thank you so much!

  21. NB,

    I am not too worried about either deflation or inflation as I know that MarketClub's Trade Triangle technology will catch the moves.

    In Gold all our signals are 100% positive for now.

    In S & P Index all our indicators are 100% positive.

    When inflation kicks in, I would expect like the seventies equities will drop and gold will go higher. I am going to follow MarketClub's Trade Triangle signals as I am 100% certain they will catch the really big moves.

    All the best,

  22. Thanks for the alerts, Adam. They are greatly appreciated, even if I do not always follow them.

    I also appreciate the improvement in the analysis software. There is a problem with one of the comments (the young lady is speaking). I can't quite remember which chart analysis score it is, but the comment halts mid-way, and then starts again, repeating part of what she has already said. It's not a big deal, but you may want to have it corrected.

    Also, it would be good to have the cross-hairs cursor be able to identify precisely where on a particular bar it is resting; this helps in picking specific prices to trade with.

    Finally, I am not sure what exactly is meant by "use proper money management." It seems (with all due respect) to be a vacuous statement without any more specific guidance. Can you tell me more about this?


    1. Phoenix,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      We will look into the Talking Charts comments and see what we can turn up.

      The cursor is something that I think we can revisit.

      Lastly, “use proper money management.” we have thousands of members all of whom have their own ideas on stops and money management. Our mission is to remind our members to always use stops.

      Thanks for the constructive feedback.


  23. Adam,

    I'm interested in your education and I have gotten a lot of great stuff from your videos. I thank you for this. There is a lot of discussion all over the net about inflation vs. deflation. The data that continues to pour in is very deflationary, however with all the liquidity out there, there are certainly inflationary forces as well! Do you think we could get another good bout of deflation coming up here in the equity markets? Interest rates are looking ominous, and there have been some sell signals on the Nasdaq and S&P in the last several weeks. Also, there have been a few what I call "apocalypse" days in the markets where the US dollar went down along with the stock market, with only gold riding strong! It's a very difficult call. I'm 40% precious metals plays, 30% short on the S&P, and 30% cash right now. What do you think my friend? I think that the future of gold & silver will be high, and obviously the future of the equity markets to be lower. Perhaps my vision is some type of stagflationary depression/recession until we get through all this toxic paper. What do you think?

    1. I am sick and tired of people saying that there is deflation in the economy. Deflation is a monetary event and we sure as heck have not seen the money supply shring. We have seen massive inflation and will continue to see massive inflation for years to come.

      Prices of all assets have dropped because there is simply no demand and too much supply.

  24. Adam,

    I am sure in a recent video of the US dollar you mentioned that you do not take or do not recommend taking indicators to enter a position from daily indicators, but rather use daily indicators to exit.

    What is your stance on daily indicators.

    Cheers, lee.

    1. Lee,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      On the Dollar Index, we use the monthly Trade Triangles for Trend and the weekly Trade Triangles for market timing.

      Daily Trade Triangles are used on trading forex and futures for entry and exit points.

      All the best,


  25. I sold my Gold on Monday expecting a short term pullback over the next 3 to 4 months. Can anyone tell me what their down side retracement numbers might be? I want to compare. I want to buy back in at a lower price. Did I miss it at $948 today? I see it is in inverse head and shoulders and I bought way back in 2006. Now my wife is screaming for a house (we have been waiting it out). We made $10K (20%) where the S&P lost 30% so I think we did well. I will just want to kick myself if this thing FINALLY Takes off (I have been telling my wife that for years :)) Would someone console me and make me feel better (Even if you have to lie to me :))

    1. Jerry --- The 940 level held 2 tests this week. The 926-940 area is pretty solid support followed by monthly support at 865-892.

      Summer is usually sideways to flat.........and MOST lows are made in the October timeframe. The STRONGER gold is, the earlier it bottoms. The rally to 850 a few years back had gold making its low in August that year. So it varies.

      Good luck to you.............hope you get that house.


  26. Both the monthly and weekly buy signals look to have been negated at the close. Does a retracement peek qualify?

    1. Joel,

      Not sure what numbers you are looking at to come to that conclusion.

      Gold is reading as of 6/10/09 100%.

      We need a reversal to predict a retracement, we do not have that at the moment.



  27. For those that are worried about inflation and bonds, you may want to look into ETF TBT (Ultrashort 20 year bonds). When interest rates go up, so does TBT.

    1. Be careful with TBT.............it has run from 36 to almost 60. The bond market is near a SHELF of good support and market mavens are looking for a countertrend rally. A pullback to the 47 area in TBT would be a nice set up if you believe rates are going higher in the future.


  28. Apologies for the earlier comments, I wrote down the Wrong name meant to be Thank you ADAM!

    1. Henry,

      We have to go with the signals. We had a signal to get out in the market just recently at 969.20 and the market went up the next day and then collapsed the day after.

      The same thing happened to crude oil, we had a buy signal and the market went down the next day it just made a record recovery high today.

      Thank you for your comments.

      All the best,

        1. Bruce,

          I am assuming that you're referring to the ETF that is GLD. If that is correct, yes, it would be reasonable to trade that market based on spot gold.

          I am not a huge fan of ETF's as I feel that they somehow don't always track the way they should. I prefer to trade the actual market as I feel it is much more representative of the trend.

          Thank you for your feedback.

          All the best,

  29. I buy gold in sterling. So I really need to get a fix on when GBP will start turning back against the Buck and when Gold will start rising. When this happens simultaneously then I win as I buy bullion.

    Any help here would be much appreciated.

    Kind Regards


    1. Dan Gramza has some nice market studies in the am/night before that may also set you in the right direction.

  30. Thank you Alan for your Allerts,they have been a great healp this last couple of weeks.I have managed to make few dollars on short and long position on Gold Spot.I am hoping to join Market Club in the near future and make use of all the tools aveilable in yor charts. I think you are an honest guy and I appricciate all your help to make us more succesfull in the things that we love to do.

  31. not with the bond market crapping itself.....they need to draw funds from somewhere.....

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