Saturday Success Story - Pranav, Arizona

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Here's great news from a member...

"This was my second trial membership which I am continuing as regular subscription. The alert service for Trade Triangles is useful; it eliminates need to be in front of computer always. I can log-in as soon as I get the alert, analyze charts and if I agree with the Trade Triangle, I trade. To be very open, I have seen majority of Trade Triangle signals tradable.
Apart from the Trade Triangles, I love the chart analysis by Adam. As far as I remember, all the analysis I have seen so far have proven true. Your chart analysis was one of the biggest inspiration for me to continue trading during rough time." ~ Pranav S., Arizona

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10 thoughts on “Saturday Success Story - Pranav, Arizona

  1. Hello Pranav,

    I was curious about the "This was my second trial membership " comment.
    What chnaged in the second trial that you decided to continue? You got
    more selective with triangles, applied filtering or something else?


  2. One thing I learned from all the above comments is: One develops liking or disliking towards triangles tool depending upon one's ability to implement it.
    My humble suggesion is, you have a hammer in your hand, then just talk about how to use it to nail a nail properly. Instead, if we start telling "oh! the hammer cannot pull out a nail", "oh! the hammer cannot paint my house", oh! the hammer does not bring my mail", then are we not wasting our time and also are we not shaking off the faith of others who are appropriately using the hammer to nail a nail?
    Just let us explore how to use the hammer in our hand appropriately.
    -Chandra Sekhar

  3. Ashfaq Sheikh is correct, mkts do what they do. If you're not prepared for that eventuality you should stay away. The triangles do help avoid catastrophic loss which is good but any better than using parabolic or other stop? Probably not. I'm a little sorry (this morning anyway)I got stopped out of my Aussie dollar and pound longs. The triangles said no mas and I didn't disagree. But, boy, nothing trends longer term than those currencies. I think the Aussie will fly high again when it breaks out of its consolidation.

  4. I think trade triangles are lagging indicators instead of leading one. If you want to make money in these markets, you have to use leading indicators. And it should not be hit and miss. It should be right 75% of the time so that with your money management, which is cutting the losses short and letting the profit runs, you can accumulate the profits.
    Good luck everyone.

  5. So Nick, what kind of trading have you been doing with the triangles, day, swing, longer term? I am surprized they let this comment post!!!How long you been trading?

  6. Based on video presentations by Adam as well as my own reading of the charts (not the triangles), I was convinced that S&P 500 would fall. But it shot up from about 885 to about 940. The conclusion is that the markets will do what the markets will do. One needs to be vigilant and not get committed to one interpretation too deeply. Don't over-trade.

  7. I think the trade triangles are useful to point out an opportunity, however, I do not see them coming into play before the trend is obvious, at least on the stocks I'm looking at: aapl, goog, rimm...

    as far as the analysis goes, what are you talking about? the little speech you get when you click on the balloon icon? I have so far found it to be of little value, other than pointing out the obvious and advising me to use money management techniques........great.

    what if we add to that? "use money management techniques and never eat yellow snow......".....

    that's about all the use I'm getting out of it so far.

    I think adam and crew are on to something and the intention is there. Just needs some more work and more tangible, clear trading advice, strategy, etc etc.


    1. i recently became a member and looked at my bad trades over the last several months and found that the triangles would have saved me a great deal of money if i had been following them. i challenge anyone else to do the same. i have also compared the triangles to stochastics and macd (two of my favorite indicators) and found the triangles to outperform. there is no program that i have ever seen that will make a new trader an instant success, you have to combine the program with experience to get serious results. with the triangles, so far so good. good luck to all.

  8. pranav,
    Good for you that you did gain with the triangles. I think that a basic knowledge in chart patters is needed to determ the direction and to have coinfirmation by the triangles. Most of the time you see contra indication when you go to long term positions ( day-week-month )
    What timeframe do you use?

    Hope you gain lots of pips

    all the best,


  9. To be honest, I just have lost money following these triangles. Use them them only if the trend is clear. But do you really need them then??

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