A quick postcard from Maine.

Well the good news is that hurricane Bill missed Maine and the rest of the Eastern seaboard this past weekend. Too close for my liking. Huge surf and lots and lots of rain was the order of the day.

I thought you would like to see a picture of my father-in-law, Retired Admiral Harold Rich. We don't use his formal title up here, but I thought you might notice his hat. You see, Harry loves to wear hats and I thought he would enjoy one of our new MarketClub hats.

It was Harry who came up  with the phrase "To small to succeed " that I recently used in a blog posting. So that's one of the reasons why Harry is modeling his new MarketClub hat, the other is that he looks darn good in one.

Just to keep you all up-to-date, the MarketClub team is working hard on a special project that I believe will greatly benefit all MarketClub members. We will be making an announcement soon.

It is not all fun in the sun up here in Maine, I am actually thinking and working on how we can make MarketClub even better. We have some big improvements coming your way so stay tuned.

All the best,


P.S. I think there is something in the works next month to include some good looking hats and shirts in a contest. So stay tuned to the blog as I am not privy to all the details on that one.

18 thoughts on “A quick postcard from Maine.

  1. Hello Adam

    I would like to see alert to pop on the screen when trianlge is created while I am logged in...E-mail alert is OK as an addition.



    1. Dear Mirko,

      I have passed along this technical improvement suggestion to our technical support rep who will provide a report to our programmers for future improvement. Thanks again. I agree that it would be helpful to have this alert on the screen. Please feel free to keep sending suggestion by posting on the blog or by emailing su*****@in*.com.


      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development
      INO.com & MarketClub

  2. Hi Adam,

    Looking forward to the new changes in Market Club.

    Here are my $.02 cents of suggestions:

    - Realtime charts
    - Mark volume red on days price is down and green on days price
    is up. Easy to correlate the vol-price action. Provide Vol on
    15-30-60 min charts.
    - 'blended TT'': allow to blend the TT with a given indicator
    or set of indicators and then provide the TT decision.
    Example TT is all green but MACD yet to do a crossover.
    - Multiple list/watchlist. Thsi will help us build different
    watchlists e.g. volume gainers watchlist, +85 watchlist etc.
    - Synchronize score across chart and score page. I see the score on
    the chart/scan/and score can be different. I have to go back to the
    scan/score page and recheck.
    - TT history - how the trade triangle progressed from -100 to +100
    - more powerful scans: The scans filter as of now are very limited.
    More filters like moving average crossovers,
    volume gainers/decliners etc.
    - Model portfolio for stocks/forex/commodities which Market club
    trades on for measuring its quarterly performance.
    Sharing buy/sell decisions will give new users a head start on
    how to use Market Club.
    - User Forum: Even the though the blog is helpful, its completely
    driven by Marketclub. And there times Marketclub cannot/does not
    approve the comments and I understand that there are valid reasons
    for this. A users forum could be a good substitute where the users
    of Market Club can share their experiences.

    Have a good day.

    1. Trikaal,

      Thanks, for your 02cents.

      Look for changes that are going to address several of the ideas you are bringing up. The others will be put on the wish list.


  3. Wow, I really appreciate your kind gesture, I will proudly wear this Market Club hat. To all of you at Market Club, thank you.
    Real time quotes/charts would be the best improvement I would like to see.

    1. Joel,

      You are the first one to ask, we are olny going to do this once, I am going to send you one just for asking.

      We will be in touch.

      All the best,


    2. Joel,

      Melissa will be contacting you through email to get your mailing address. So keep a look out in your inbox.

      *For everyone else you'll have a chance to win three MarketClub apparel prizes for the next Trader's Blog Contest.


      Lindsay Thompson
      Director of New Business Development
      INO.com & MarketClub

  4. Dear Adam,

    Will the "Alerts" be available via cell phone text in addition to email?
    Is this something you have thought about or might consider?

    Thank you for your time and wonderful videos.


  5. Maine ,WOW, what a beautiful place, enjoy your vacation. I was stationed at Loring AFB during the Veit Nam era.

  6. Some ideas for MarketClub:

    -More videos on how to short-term trade equities, ETFs and indices; i.e. weekly triangle for trend/timing and optionally the daily for timing

    -Real-time quotes for stocks, ETFs and indices

    -Complete synchronization of the score for any instrument across your portfolio, the chart analyzer, graphs and triangle scans

    -better filters for the trade triangle scans, e.g. price and volume above or below a certain value

    -a better scoring system that not only uses triangles and averages, but also, looks at things like the slow stoch, macd and momentum, for example, and assigns a score based not only on how the triangles are situated, but also, on what the other indicators are saying. If you could incorporate a more artificially intelligent architecture into the software, it would make it more reliable. I think you folks can actually do this and you may have 'below chart' indicators of your own that you can take advantage of. While the triangles are good, I feel they need to be supplemented with something else in order to optimize the forecasting capability of the model.

    1. JLT,

      WOW, Thanks for all your ideas. I really appreciate you taking the time to put everything down for us.

      Now the good news, several of the above items are being worked on as we speak.

      I think you are going to be very happy when we roll out these new features.

      All the best,

    2. I recently put slow stoch in second row in favour of Williams%R, so I am keen to recommend this indicator....with the ability to alter 14-day to 30. Cheers!

  7. I am amazed. In Maine with a (retired) admiral and no talk of the sea ... no talk of lobsters ... When I was a boy (I'm your father-in-law's age), Maine's population was considered one of the least educated in the USA. Now we know how smart they were. Their natural, pristine environment remains intact. Now, about those lobsters!

    1. Robert,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      We’re having Lobsta’s tonight.

      I don’t want to tell everybody how good it is up here in Maine otherwise we’ll be having everyone up here.

      My favorite Maine talk: “You can’t get there from here”

      All the best,

  8. Adam,

    enjoy your vacations.

    Do you have some backtests of the triangle technology that you could share?

    Thank you.

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