Big happenings this weekend at MarketClub

Big happenings at MarketClub this weekend.  Our illustrious director of New Business Development, Lindsay Thompson, was proposed to by her long-time boyfriend Brad Bittinger. Now for the good news ... she accepted and they're engaged.

Congrats to Brad and Lindsay and every happiness in the future from the whole MarketClub Team

13 thoughts on “Big happenings this weekend at MarketClub

  1. Lindsay - I am just ecstatic that you and Brad found each other and stuck together all these years. Our entire family has loved you from the beginning! We knew you were the one and we are so thrilled for you and Brad! Congratulations!

  2. Best news of the month!!! Congratulations Lindsay, you deserve the best and Brad is a great guy. We're happy for both of you and wish you the brightest possible future together.

    Dave Maher
    Technical Director, Partner, Inc.

  3. Thanks EVERYONE! I appreciate the advice and couldn't be more happy right now.


    Lindsay Thompson
    Director of New Business Development & MarketClub

  4. 3 pieces of advice. Don't try to change each other-hard enough to change oneself. Give each other private time[independance] How it goes in private quarters, so will it go in the rest of the house/with friends/at work/etc. The start of a special journey!!!! ENJOY.

  5. Congratulations to Lindsay and Brad. Another exciting news from the Market Club.. Go Long 🙂

  6. Way to go Lindsay...from the story he's raised the bar for EVERY woman out there. I'm glad I locked mine up before she heard about how it went down. Congrats to you both and I'm looking forward to the wedding on the water here at!

  7. Wishing the best of engagement time. Hope to hear of your tying the knot soon. Praying that all will be well for both of you.

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