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  1. Come on. Let's have it. What were the vital stats in the 500 k trade?
    100 contracts of the old S&P in October 1987? A $50 move in gold on a 100 lot position? I gotta know.

    1. David,

      I remember my wheat loss like it was yesterday. The 500K day not so clearly. I do remember that it was in forex betting against the dollar. I am fairly sure that I had at least a few hundred contracts.

      To be honest there have been so many other good trades since then that I just don't dwell on all the details of every good trade.


  2. I don’t know whether or not my system is the problem but there was no sound with this video; “How I became a successful trader”.

    1. L.Mani,

      It may be on your end. I think it was recorded in mono or stereo which might be the problem. Give our tech support folks a call at 410-867-2100. They should be able to help you.

      All the best,


  3. I have the sound problem too - is there anything that can be done my end to correct this?

  4. Adam is right. It's all about a good trading plan and discipline.
    The big question remains standing out however, how to suppress your emotions in such a manner that the plan will keep on track.

  5. For me, fear of losing money often kept me from pulling the trigger when I saw a valid setup. This made me miss many, many profitable trades. Thanks for the video.


  6. Great Video,
    We all learn from ours and others mistakes, if we can admit them that's why we share it with others. Thank you Adam

  7. Yeah, I wonder how much capital was needed to make this 500K. How long took the trade to execute, what market, how long to be prepared, and many other details like techniques, indicators....

  8. There's no doubt that discipline, sticking to the plan, taking losses (small) and running profits are the key factors to success. We all know that. The problem is implementing it all, all the time. That's very difficult.

  9. Great video, thanks Adam.

    As always, stick to your rules - always - always . . . . . . . . .

  10. Thank you for your videos. Very kind of you to talk about your loses and gains. But im curious how does one make that much in one day??? Did you trade options or futures? Can't think on how can one make that much. What did you use to make that much, maybe a story about how you came to make sush a fantastic winner would be awesome! Love to learn more about succesful traders making succesful trades.

    All the best,

  11. I must be honest here. That video was one of the worst, most amateurish pieces of crap I have ever had the misfortune of sitting through. I demand that you return those 5 minutes of my life back! What were you guys thinking?!?!

  12. i had no sound on the video, how i became a successful trader. i would love to watch it with sound.

  13. GREED!!! Number #1 emotion to control!!! Once you get over the greed and take several small gains (and couple large) it will add up to nice profits!

  14. A couple of reason I vote NO. The shoe to drop is commercial real estate, along with income property. Credit card debt hits everyone.
    You can't spend your way out of trouble, someones picking up the tap.

  15. Have a plan, control emotions, same answer to the question has been given 1000 times by different people. Really tells you nothing.
    When it comes down to specifics you will be told to develop your own plan unless someone is selling something then they will try to sell you grail.
    Put a search in Googel for become a sucessful trader and you will come up with 100,000 hits of BS.

  16. This was great. Not sure if it's GREED or the desire of not missing out. Emotions are VERY tough to control

  17. Adam thanks for the testimonial on your losses and gains of your career.Many more gains to you.

  18. Blog and videos are great.
    I don't know whether or not my system is the problem but there was no sound with this video; "How I became a successful trader".


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