Gold, It's All Falling Into Place

You may have watched my earlier video on the gold cycles and how important they are in this particular market, at this particular time. Today's action is indicative of the cycle that we were talking about in the video as it's pushing gold prices down into a cyclic time window.

I wanted to follow up with this new short video to show you where I believe there should be some good levels to get into a long gold position. The energy fields we've discussed before in gold and other markets are still very much intact and are getting wound up for the big move we'll see later this year.

There is no need to register to watch this video and you can watch it with our compliments.

If you enjoy this follow-up, share it with your friends. I am sure they will find our point of view both different and at the same time educational. Please feel free to comment on the blog about your view on gold.

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9 thoughts on “Gold, It's All Falling Into Place

  1. Dave,


    I find cycles fascinating on a personal level and not just in the markets.

    One fun thing you can do is to keep your own personal cycle log. How it works is like this. Rate your feelings every day when you wake up.

    10 is you feel great, 5 you feel fair, below 5 and you are not having a good day. Keep a chart of your natural cycle and you might be surprised at the outcome.

    Enjoy the discovery.


  2. Hi Adam,

    Good couple of video posts over the last few days on Gold and EURUSD. I am particularly interested in your mention of cycle work in general.

    Can you please explain more, or maybe even do a separate video, on how / where you get your cycle work information, is it from studying charts, however, but explain how you come determine cycles in different markets, on what time frames they are important and when you consider them important and/or when to ignore them generally. I am familiar, and interested too, in other cycles like economic and demographic (i.e. Harry Dent's work, which is good), but I've never really had a clear explanation of how price cycles in charting really work, and how to use this as an on-going tool in the trader's toolbox, as I would, for example, use a fib retracement or trendline tool.

    Thanks, Regards,


  3. Adam, Your vast experience as a trader is evident in your videos; however, I don't see any reason to believe XAU will make new highs just because you've drawn a trendline. As a surfer and wave trader I feel a gold collapse coming and the reward on the short side is much greater. My target is 570 off the daily chart. Gold is a small market and can easily be pushed around, as you know. If gold makes a new high in December it will be circa 1050. This is the top of gold's multi-decade range, not the bottom. Your video charts create an illusion that is quite convincing, but I'm not buying it long term. Expect a sell TT any day now.

  4. Hi Adam,

    First off, thank you so much Adam for your videos on gold - they are much appreciated!

    Secondly, regarding your dates for the pullback on gold, I've read / heard that next week is an important buying time for India due to their festivals next week (2 of them). Also, there is another festival coming up on October 17th (Diwali) in India that is a major time for Indians to purchase gold - during that event and for the week leading up to the event. I should also mention that it has been reported in several Indian publications that there is a lot of interest in purchasing gold during this time from the Indians (retailers and jewellers have reported this) - there's also the monetary capability too this year for the Indians to purchase gold due to the hikes in wages this year that government workers have been given. Also as has been reported, the Indians have been waiting for gold to pull back to around $990 before they start stepping back in to buying it - and on Friday just past, gold futures closed at $991.00 (spot closed at $990). This to me would indicate that given gold's closing price on Friday, and given the upcoming festival buying that's expected to occur next week, that gold next week should resume its uptrend (but probably not yet surpass the $1025 level). So, I'm not sure then, if there is in fact a lot of gold buying that will be taking place in India next week, whether the time frame for gold getting to a low of around $980.00 on your dates mentioned will indeed transpire, given the upcoming festivals in India that will be occurring up until October 17th.

    So, with all of this in mind Adam, do you still feel then that gold will hit a low of around $980 on any 3 of your dates mentioned or would you perhaps expect that the lows may come after the Diwali festival of October 17th?

    If any other readers / members of marketclub on here have any additional info/ comments about all of this, I'd be very interested to hear about it!

    Thank you Adam for your thoughts!



    1. Eve,

      Thank you for your feedback and valuable input into this blog.

      I am looking not so much to those exact dates but rather a time frame where I believe god will be at a low period. At this point time is more important to me than price.

      I am watching our Trade Triangles for a sign of a reversal to the upside.

      All the best,

  5. Thank you for the video Adam. Guessing which day all the stars will line up is a little like gambling. Wouldn't waiting for a signal and then shooting your money on that day be more like trading?


  6. hello everybody ...i would like to know if some one had seen my last post about the gold market...if yes please ...i want to heard some feed back.....because if you have seen the double top ....i predicted it before its was even form....

    so if you want to know more ...iam waiting for you

    and iam waiting for your reply ADAM....thanks you and god bless you all

    1. Adam,
      I saw the video on oil and on gold a while back but I was not in options or commodities and still am not. But I find your work very impressive. I just watched your video on the dollar, again, sounds good. I will be looking for the pullback in the gold and you can bet...I'm in.
      By the way, you didn't mention a target on gold. Is there one? Maybe 1200?

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