16 thoughts on “Major Break-Out In Gold & The Trade Triangles Nailed It

  1. gold and silver isit go to the same direction? if gold go up will silver also go up? please? thanks..this is my first time posting here..if i had make mistake please forgive me..thanks.

  2. I have made a few posts regarding gold in the last couple of days. For all you gold bulls out there this is something you might want to read. For someone interested in investing in gold for the first time this could be handy too. Might save you a lot of pain and losses.


  3. hello everybody

    I am not an expert on trading....i just started trading about 2 month ago and i didnt have any cloud about forex and i didnt know that excited ......anyways ..... i think the gold wont go higher than the 1000 mark.... why because ....

    i see a triple top formation...and the last one is higher ...for me its a sign for a strong reversal trend and i see the gold dropping to the region

    T1 700
    T2 625

    hopefully you wont laugh at me if i am wrong but in the other hand if iam right you can share with me your profit 🙂 .... and if i am wrong i apologize to everybody and specially to ADAM HEWISON..

    thank you for your time and best wishes to all

  4. Adam...if the stock market were to continue to rally from here and Gold dropped to say 950, would that change your outlook or invalidate any of the patterns (breakout, energy field, pennant triangle, etc.) in your mind? Would that lessen the likelihood of 1250?


  5. rpt from adam's video

    bot few bars and coins at 850, selling 1/3 today and raising mental stop to 970 on remainder on the guess that if there’s a drop, it will be a big one. I don’t think any of us has the slightest idea what the major holders, incl china, imf, central banks, will do now - only that they don’t always do what they say they will do.
    We DO know that the fed buys and sells gold to manipulate interest rates because Alan Greenspan told us that some time ago.

  6. The low risk entry was 2 days ago at the open. If you enjoy losing money, shoot you money now!

  7. upside target no one really knows.
    best is if you want to get in on the action is to put a stop for what you are willing to lose if it goes against you, take 50% off the position as it climbs (6% upside is good), move stop to break even. If it keeps going follow it up by moving stop up, look for pullbacks to the 20ema to create new swing lows, put the stop under there, until it stops out or your happy with the gains.
    If it reverses and doesn't climb after taking 50% gains and stops out the remaining position so what, I wouldn't want to be in the trade anyway if comes back to my entry price aFter going 6%.
    Just did that with SLV, the Silver ETF. So we shall see how far this momentum can carry things before it swings back....
    There is real demand, holiday demands (India wedding seasons as well as Christmas and Valentines Day countries) for gold and silver for jewelry. Inflation concerns, possible correction in markets as a whole...

  8. Hmmm, a reverse H&S followed by a penant formation and people needed to spend $150/quarter on trade triangles? This was a no-brainer weeks ago just for those two factors alone.

  9. Lately I have noticed every publicized techincal breakout has failed. It looks so enticing that Gold will go to 1300 and add to that CNBC is pumping Gold in fornt page. Be careful, market does not allow too many traders to earn profit. I will day trade on long side for a while.

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      1. John,

        We do need a polite policeman around the blog once and a while, so thank you.


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