Saturday Success Story - Bryan, California

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Here's great news from a member...

"I want to say thank you to Adam Hewison and MarketClub for being instrumental in turning my trading from consistently losing money in futures to consistently making money. The Trade Triangles have simplified my approach (and my life) to the markets, while allowing me
to have vastly better results. Being able to observe the Trade Triangles and their many winners in real time for the past couple years have given me the confidence in approaching the markets (which is priceless), and the conviction to execute trades.

Also, I am no longer suffering from analysis-paralysis in trading which caused a lot of bad habits and negative results.

Also, I am so grateful for your very short and concise videos that are simple, to the point, yet very insightful. I'm always looking forward to the next one.

Thank you Adam for your spirit of giving and your integrity and for making this information available to traders/investors." ~ Bryan J., California

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Success Story - Bryan, California

  1. The triangles give you a bias an edge on where the overall market is - Following the over all market is a big advantage - If the DOW, S& P 500, NASD, RUSSELL 2000 are all moving in the same direction than so is 75% of all stocks - for swing trading and mid term and long term this means everything - If the triangales are all green at with a +85 or higher on all the index metioned that would be a great time to fide a stock that has + 85 score and a breakout of a resistance point and put a stop in below that point somewhere - I became a member just last week just for the great market direction analisis - This is going to help my trading alot with out spending the time to gauge the over all market myself

  2. Hi Bryan,
    The story of yours speak nothing but sales gimmick, would you be more specific how could you do thst.

  3. Delighted to hear of Brian J's success.

    I would love to talk to Brian and other successful traders personally, if they can ***(removed private contact information)*** respond to this comment.

    many thanks

  4. I'm certain the Triangles offer many viable potential methods for success and I'm happy for Bryan.

    However, I'd be happy if he could describe his methodology for using the triangles in more detail 🙂

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