Saturday Success Story - Hal, Connecticut

At MarketClub, our mission is to help you become a better trader. Our passion is creating superior trading tools to help you achieve your goals—no matter which way the markets move—we promise objective and unbiased recommendations not available from brokers.

Here's great news from a member...

"I've been a user of MarketClub over the past year and have enjoyed the service a great deal....using the Trade Triangle methodology, I have been able to successfully navigate my way thru severe bear markets while also enjoying profitable trades during bull runs as well. I like to trade both oil and other commodities and by using the Trade Triangles I find I can put on profitable trades letting my winners run while removing loosing positions before they become toxic. Another really nice feature of MarketClub for me are the short audio reviews of key markets, with suggestions on possible price movement around key support and resistant zones.

The Trade Triangles provide the discipline to allow me to show consistent profits while reducing my risks....and finally, some of the recent additions to the charts used with the service gives me a more flexibility in how I combine price action and technical analysis. By adding the Talking Chart review you can listen in on a short review of any chart of any security you wish to trade; pretty cool! At the end of the day however, it helps me make money and that is my # 1 driver!" ~ Hal B., Connecticut

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