DOW and NASDAQ: New Video

It may surprise you as to which indices have had the most comeback from the lows seen in March. In today's video we take a close look at both the Dow and NASDAQ indices.

In this short video we look at the retracement levels and why these indices may be getting ready for a reversal, but having said that, the major trend remains positive at this time for both indices.

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2 thoughts on “DOW and NASDAQ: New Video

  1. Very Nice analysis, I’m always enjoying watching your videos, it’s give me more confidence…cause it’s the same that I’m talking about over weeks with my friends, but every body are joking….

    I have to say that lots of technical analysts writing the same about this markets…if it’s in the US or Canada or even Israel…

    There is other possibility that the Nasdaq will break the 61.8%... so as Fibonacci it will break the last heights….is it going to break the 2861 !!!! days will say if that will happened

  2. hi
    i am from ksa i have an experiance in analizing by volume and then expecting the chart shape and target

    i need your view about it

    ex dow
    1- as i put target to 10424 from 6500---7000

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