8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Trading Tool: Your Mind

  1. the only winners in stock market and forex market are the only the brokers. if u want to be a winner in forex, never use leverageand have the patiente to wait until ur trade is winning.market is full of oppurtunities but u need to have the time and the way to win. and the only way to win without worriing about the time and the fluctuation of the market is to avoid using leverage. i lost about 70 000usd in the forex market 3 years ago in 4 month and that after winning 130 000; but after it i won 30 000 usd in 2 years without using leverage. i never close a loosing position and it's working great.

  2. Several thoughts to the wise. Investing is gambling anyway you look at it. I can evaluate financials for l have over thirty five years experience in accounting and finance. I can apply ratios and even determine book values, price to sales and so on, but I also know there are many variables that will influence a stock as we all know. Dollar averaging is the way to make money for the average investor. Trend analysis is a prediction based on indicators for a short investment and it is not 100% correct. Most brokerage firms can only use quarterly financials and historical data. If we could predict the future of stocks, they all would be filthy rich and wouldn't even speak to us or ask us to join in with there programs. There are ways to pick good strong long lasting companies with great returns. Annualized returns
    Including dividends, commissions, etc. You must do the homework but if you lack the discipline and know how I suggest you get a broker. A good one with a good reputation and high credibility rate.

  3. Thank you Joe for your post.

    Understood that you have a system and a software for sale, but something I didn`t catch: in order to work, that software needs to collect data; from where will it be "drinking" day and night?

    All the best,


  4. you hit the nail on the nail on the head

    Basic assumption you/we are abundant.

    next step establish the rules of the of the game and th eparameters of the playing field
    establish how to stay in the game because thats what really matters
    establish a routine that becomes secondary to your process thereby enabling you to see the bigger picture

    consistently play to test your skill set

    fine tune your game with journaling

    know that you will win
    for this

  5. Thanks for your message. Please encouragement brings massive success, so let,s learn to encourage one another in order to reach our goal.Success is a tree after being planted it needs to be nurtured in order to bring massive return.

  6. Thanks for your message. But i don't trust Forex trading anymore one thing i hates is everyday processing of form, no proper record of payment on which i am a victim of such. am sorry to say that there is no encouragement as far as am concern.

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